The Song of the Red-Wing Black Birds, Monday, April, 20, 2015

This Spring the Red-Winged Blackbirds came!

I don’t know why they have left the Upper End with it’s lush pond and a swampy area, but they have. ย When they came (and they are still here) the Western Meadow Larks and all the other birds left for the Upper End, although yesterday I saw Robins on the Western side of the house and yard.

I’m not complaining I love their cheerful little songs and watching them flit and fly from branches to my feeding stations.

They are most joyful birds, don’t you agree?

Your friend,


27 thoughts on “The Song of the Red-Wing Black Birds, Monday, April, 20, 2015

  1. Linda, love the sound and the flash of their red wings. When we water in the morning they are right there seeing if there is a choice bite to eat. The air is alive with the sound of the Meadowlark, Dove, etc. We are even blessed with wild turkeys, though now they are paired up. Of course they don’t have a song.
    Your picture at the top makes me feel like that would be what Heaven is looks like. Sunrise or sunset, it is lovely.


  2. I love birds; love to watch them fly, listen to them sing and chatter. That’s the thing I miss most about the prairie.

    The short time we lived in KS (Great Bend), we lived very close to the Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Preserve (Quivira Refuge).

    During the spring and fall, the migrations were absolutely breathtaking as millions of birds streamed across the skies in seemingly well choreographed ballets. All against the backdrop of bright blue skies, or the red sunsets is something you just don’t forget.

    The Red Wing Blackbirds were always the most stunning, looking like huge, long clouds that would float through the air for miles and miles, sometimes eclipsing the sun.

    The flocks were so massive, they would sound like cellophane being crinkled as they flew past, and if they were talking as well, they would almost drown out a normal conversation with the chatter and the flying combined.

    No formation flying in this video, but you get an idea just how massive the flocks are.

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  3. They all decided to move camp….I wonder why…is there a predator lurking about….i wonder if we shall ever find out


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