A Splish- Splash- Taking a Bath–Tuesday, April 21, 2015

birds.jpgTerry brought the water down to put on the cherry trees and the lawn yesterday.  The Red-Winged Black Birds were Delighted!

AHHHHSeveral of them had to take a bath!

FlutterHaving a marvelously wet time

ShakeWhen one got out

SplashAnother one got in!

I enjoyed the whole experience myself!

Your country friend



23 thoughts on “A Splish- Splash- Taking a Bath–Tuesday, April 21, 2015

  1. I have a bird bath and have to fill it every day, sometimes there are three birds in it at one time. It is placed where I can sit on the couch and watch them. There are a couple of big black. Rids ghat love bathing.

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  2. On the rare occasions we used the lawn sprinkler it was to give the birds a puddle or two to bathe in. We had an old fashioned barbeque grill that the legs broke off and it was flat on the ground (one of the shallow dish shaped ones) and we’d fill it with water for the birds. They just loved it. The robins would bathe and then “hang” themselves out to dry on the neighbor’s garage roof, as flat as they could get with their wings and tails spread in the sun, usually in a ragged row or two like odd laundry on the line.

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  3. Glad they came to visit you and take a bath..I know they loved it. I have quite a few red-wings this year, too. I’m like Ellie, I have to refill my birdbath as they splash all the water out!! I spend a lot of time at my kitchen table watching all the birds feed and bathe! This year for the first time I have goldfinches!! So tickled to see them…I have a thistle feeder out for them. Such fun watching the birds and hearing their songs!



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