SURPRISE! Sunday, May 3, 2015

When Terry’s Dad passed away,  Misty (our youngest daughter) who was terribly fond of her Grandpa, was horribly sad at his passing.  Terry’s Mother, recognized that terrible sadness so  she  gave to Misty, Jack’s pick-up.

Misty and Kelly drove it for awhile, then gradually it started sitting in the garage; Misty wanted to get it restored sometime in the future.  (You know how futures go–futures are way down the road when you are retired.  First comes jobs and babies, then school age children, and buying houses and other vehicles, then college educations for those kids.)

Now that Misty and Kelly have left and new renters are coming in Terry mentioned one afternoon to Jason, Shannon, and I that we (meaning he and I) were going to have to go down there and pull that old truck up here and park it in the shade of the barn.

Time passed.
Farm work took over, the painting of the house took over, irrigation took over…the need to pull the truck up here was sorta shoved to the background.

Every day there was something which must be done.

Then comes the day as Terry is planting the corn in the field by the house and I was mowing MY lawn, that I looked down the road by the other house and SAW the old truck making it’s way up to OUR HOUSE!

What a surprise!  Quickly I headed to the field to flag Terry down, but he was planting (his back to the road, couldn’t take his eyes off or the rows would be crooked), so didn’t see me or the truck heading our way!


Finally he was at the end of the field and saw me waving to him, just then the old truck,  complete with two hound dogs, was in the driveway,  and headed out to the field

TruckA large smile broke out on Terry’s face-he jumped down off the tractor and headed toward the truck. (Later he said for a second he thought it was his Dad, he could see the driver had on a cap which tricked his eyes to think “DAD”!)  As a cool surprise and a little gift to Terry, Jason had got the truck running and drove it up here for Terry.

After a short ride to the canyon and back the old truck is safely parked up here, resting in the shade of the barn—-waiting patiently for that day way, way in the future.

A surprise all wrapped up in a memory!

Your Friend,



44 thoughts on “SURPRISE! Sunday, May 3, 2015

  1. What a nice story! Glad the ole pick up is home and going to be a functioning part of the farm. 🙂
    When my dad passed, he gave my son his pick up. He drove that through high school and college. Gave it back to my mom when he got a car. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful… and the part about T thinking it was his Dad – goodness me, I’m still tearing up. Love never dies and sometimes those who have gone on before us get a chance to let us know that.

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  3. Awesome. Even if it didn’t belong to a loved one, it’s a classic keeper. What a wonderful thing for Jason to do for you.
    God bless you both for all your hard work and all you do for America. ♥

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  4. how generous that was of Jason, what a lovely thing to do….there is no doubt about it old vehicles have far more character than these modern day electronically controlled creations.In the old days if it went wrong a good sledge hammer usually put it right, nowadays you need a computer….give me old any day of the week..well done Jason

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  5. What a wonderful, wonderful story!! I don’t think it is a bit odd that Terry thought for a fleeting moment that it was his Dad. Happy memories, thanks for sharing them!

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  6. I love to see somethng with such tremendous emotional value being brought back. I always smile when I see a car that reminds me of my grandparents. And there is a brazilian-made motorcycle that reminds me of my father.

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  7. First off so sorry I’m so behind in reading your blog but am catching up today! What a fabulous surprise and I absolutely ADORE the old truck. How super cool that it is still running no less! Fun fun and hope you do get rain (or have) and that the field work is going well!

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