A Race—Monday, May 4, 2015

You are all heard the old adage:  ” a race against time” I am sure.  We are in a race against weather.  Thunderstorms and light rain are predicated for this afternoon and tomorrow.  Therefore, the planting of the corn is in a rush stage.  Terry is planting the last field today.  First he rips open the ground, lets it dry for two hours, goes back in and plants.

Sun-8But by the end of the day he will have every little seed of corn in the ground and starting to sprout.  The other two fields are already planted.  If the rain holds off (rain will crust the ground and make it hard —we are mostly clay here—for the little sprouts to poke their heads above the soil)  Terry will then get out there and harrow off the hilled part of the rows, making soft soil for the sprouts to come up through.

Today I must go work in the corrals for a spell then I’m going to WEED MY OWN YARD! I’m so excited!

Thank you everyone for stopping by, it’s always nice to touch base with friends!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



20 thoughts on “A Race—Monday, May 4, 2015

  1. Lovely photo. I hope the corn is in the ground and you’ve had a great day weeding! It’s really warm here in OK, storms on the way (it’s May!)

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  2. I tended to some wayward weeds that enjoyed the week I spent at my daughter’s way too much. They had all their weedy friends over and they were still lying around all over the flower bed.

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  3. are you really getting excited about WEEDING….funny woman! I go out every mornng picking up the bits of weed that dare to poke their heads above ground in my garden…but they rae crafty , they poip up once I have passed by

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