I’m so Excited to Share with You—Thursday, May 14, 2015

I got my header photo over-night…setting there in my email waiting for me to sit down and open my computer.  Elaine, from the Black Forest in Colorado, had a stunning rainbow appear close to her home.  I just had to share it with each of you!


My Colorado Columbine are blooming.  Although, it is illegal to remove plants from the wild, Colorado Columbine are readily available at the nurseries.  This plant is about two years old and very colorful. I always think of my wonderful maternal Grandfather (he lived just down the orchard from us) who had two flowers that he adored, the Colorado Columbine and a Yellow Rose bush.  You see he grew up in Texas...the Yellow Rose of Texas (a traditional  American Folk song) and would sing it to us.


Rufus-1My hummingbird photo!!!!

A Rufus hummingbird, by the way!

YAY!  I think I did it!  A neat Hummingbird photo!


And JOY of ALL JOYS the Corn IS UP!

StormJust in time, because another winter-like storm is due in here tonight. The clouds swarmed in from the west, bringing with them a colder day.  The weather people say snow and heavy rain possible —again.  Terry is out leveling the pinto bean field even as I sit here writing to you.  Time is a huge factor.  If he can get the field leveled and the big ditches made for that field, before the weather settles in he will be happy camper.

Anyway, yesterday was just the happiest of days; I just had to share with you!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,







40 thoughts on “I’m so Excited to Share with You—Thursday, May 14, 2015

  1. Hooray for the corn! We are supposed to get two storms between today and tomorrow, so they will probably be on their way to you next.


  2. We saved some rain for you from Idaho….we got about 1/2 inch….and since your corn and mine are up rain will be a good thing. Flowers are beautiful.. Found my hummer feeders…and hope to get them out today. You and Terry deserve a break in the weather though….


  3. Fantastic to see the corn sprouting!
    Fingers crossed that the pinto field levelling etc. is
    completed before the storm.
    Great shot of your “mate” which keeps you
    dodging when weeding!
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia.)

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  4. Beautiful Columbines you have blooming! A long time favorite of mine, too. That is a really great hummer photo, Linda! They are so hard to get. A trouble maker Rufus, no less. Yea ~ I am so happy to hear that your corn is up and growing 🙂 A very good thing! And your last photo is just gorgeous ~ love the colors of the sky. I think spring is finally here!
    Glad you liked Your rainbow. Kind of a bitter sweet photo across part of the cleared burn area, but one intense rainbow, with a touch of a double, shining bright!

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  5. I see corn coming! Yea! 🙂
    Great shot on the hummer! I had a male rufous in my catmint today! A beautiful red he was. No picture though. I’m going to hang my feeder out and see if they go to it this year.
    Beautiful rainbow.

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  6. The corn looks GREAT! So does the rainbow and the hummer. I have Colorado Columbine in my garden that I raised from seed. They come back every year and they just started blooming. I hope Terry gets things done before the storms arrive. Crossing my fingers for no snow.

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  7. Wow! Lots and lots of awesome stuff!!! Congrats on the corn!!! I adore Columbine. It’s so pretty. Unfortunately I don’t have enough shade to grow it. 😦 Love the humming bird photo! Our hummingbirds are stopping at our feeders but not staying. Its very odd. I hope they start staying soon!

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  8. Native columbines are just the best! It’s all turning into gravy around Delta these days, Nice!! Still waiting for it to get real nice like it’s supposed to be – like the sun coming out that type of thing.

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  9. Hooray, and the corn is right where you planted it–in nice rows!
    I wish I could grow the blue columbine here. It’s just persnickety enough that it cant’ take how our spring daytime temps get above 85 sometimes. I can grow just about any other color.

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  10. So glad the corn is popping up out of the ground and that the rain wasn’t too much for it. I love the Columbines, such graceful flowers and a beautiful blue as well.


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