The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Miserable

wet-1.jpgIt’s raining here again!  Lots of rain.  Too much rain.

There has been spots of sunshine mostly dribs and drabs of SUNSHINE!

We love the sunshine, Mom and I.  Well, I think everyone does.  Every time it shines we all go outside and do happy dances.  Mom says there are people in California and other places who would trade places with us anytime.


“Yes,” she said, “They would go outside and do happy dances in the rain. “They are missing the rain and we are missing the sunshine.”


Anyway, Shiloh and Etta came up and played for a spell.



They pretty much chased Sam up a tree and kept him there.  I didn’t care to play that game.  Sam and I are friends.

RideIn a spot of sunshine I got to go for a ride.  Dad was checking on how the other farmer’s corn was doing.

WalkMom, Dad and I all went for a walk, well we pretty much do that lots of times throughout the day, but this time we walked up and checked on one of the transmission pipes.

Of course it rained some more.

Mom went to town and I waited for her until she returned


YAY!  Mom came back.  She had groceries and a BIG juicy bone just for me!

WaitingI always go out and check who has been walking on the farm.   Mostly I have been spending my time in the house sleeping by the woodstove, toasting one side then the other.  Mom says it’s strange to be burning the woodstove this time of year—as for me.

I think it’s nice.



Outside is—well, Miserable.



30 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Miserable

  1. Stay warm and dry! Before long, the sun will be shining every day and you’ll be longing for the shade 🙂 Maybe you could work on your next story by the wood stove….

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  2. Boomer, I know just how you feel! As of last night, I have had 15 inches of rain at my house since last Wednesday! And it was just pouring down again this morning! Miserable!

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  3. Hi Boomer! I’m back from my trip up north to Iowa to see my family. I am getting caught up on your blog posts. I sure liked your coat and hat in Friday’s post last week. You look handsome!! And now you are having lots of rain!! It’s hard to sniff out new visitors with all the rain, isn’t it?! Glad the corn is sprouting and growing. Sure hope the nice warm sunshine comes your way soon. We can’t even get our crops planted here because of rain. Have received almost 8 inches in the last 1 1/2 weeks! Sun is shining now, but storms are forecasted for this evening.

    Take care, Boomer, and stay out of all those mud puddles!! Blessings!

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  4. We had a lot of rain last month. So much so that one field is so late they switched to soybeans. The other parts are corn. A couple fields are only just sprouting.
    I was hoping for a little rain today, but it rained all around us instead.
    You’ll see the sun again. Hopefully soon! I don’t think they have figured out the new weather pattern since the Earth shifted on its axis a year or two ago from all those earthquakes.
    Have a blessed weekend, and thank you all for all you do. Especially you, Boomer!

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  5. Don’t get your hopes up for drier weather. There’s a stronger than usual El Niño getting started and Colorado should be wetter and cooler in the fall and winter.

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    • UGH! If summer would just arrive before all that wet in the fall and winter….NO! WAIT! Fall is harvest! Oh! Dear! I wonder what Mom and Dad are going to do?



  6. Boom, does Mom have a towel just inside the door to make you wipe your muddy feet before coming further into the house?
    We are getting loads of rain here too, but we’ve been in a severe drought for 7 years. We’ll take every drop we get. I get cranky when the folks in my town start whining about the rainy days. I suppose the folks in California would get cranky too. I’m sure Mom and the other farmers would share some of their rain with CA if they could. Fingers crossed that your Mom and Dad’s little corn seedlings don’t drown!

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  7. Hang in there Boomer. The sun’ll come. I’ll share this little saying with you. We used to say it all the time when I lived in Oregon (where it rains about 9 months out of the year). We’d say, “The sun shines every day in Oregon.” Because it does. You just can’t see it. And then we’d talk about liquid sunshine, like that was something desirable. And then we’d go drink a coffee, or a beer depending on what time of day it was. It worked out. On another note, entirely, I bet you do the happy dance when Mom comes home. My dog Pepe does a huge happy dance every single time I come in the door and I love him for that. He wags his whole body. You dogs are the best.

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  8. Hiya Boomer, Some places get too much and others not enough. The rain seems to be a real PAIN this year. We are still in a drought even though it rained three inches this week. I hope the sun comes out soon Boomer! The weather has been “strange” since that big earthquake in Japan knocked the earth’s axis a bit:)

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