Near and Far—Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rainbow from Sara


Yesterday was “one of those days”…I felt like I was drug through a knot hole, then stomped on after I was pushed the hole, flung out the window and the left in the thunder and rain.  I was glad when the day ended.

Just plain glad.

This morning is ever so much better!

Checking my email I had this lovely rainbow gift from Count Chocula and Sara I needed this!

A-welcome-Rainbow-1There was also one for me right here, across the field just waiting for me.

I had to remind myself…it all gets better with time.  My mother was so right.  She always said to me:  “Everything always works out for the best, if you just let it”.

And it does.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



18 thoughts on “Near and Far—Wednesday, May 27, 2015

  1. LOVE the rainbows…and the header!! So many of our rains have been at night, not any rainbows. Think parts of Texas are wishing they had an ark!! Take care of yourself!


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  2. Yep. Mothers are always right…well..that is what I tell my let things sort themselves.
    (also it is dragged through a hole not drug…unless it is one of the modern words like ‘;snuck’ which should be sneaked….I cannot understand modern words they are all wrong)

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