Grandpa I’m Bored—-Thursday, May 28, 2015

“Bored, 2P?’ (the family nick-name for Tally)


“Yes”, draping herself all over the arm of Grandpa’s chair, then rolling around until she is up on his lap. “Could we go for a 4-wheeler ride”?

“How can you be bored; you’ve got 5 boxes of domino’s out and are building all sorts of fences, and corrals, and dog houses?”

“I’m tired of building, Grandpa.  I’m also tired of cartoons, and the Ipad, and petting Boomer and the cats and well, just everything”.

“You just got back from a morning of play with your little friend Izzy; you should be tired”.

“But I’m not, Grandpa.  I want to do something with you that is fun.”


“Fun?  We play chase 2P, catch 2P, fling 2P in the air lots of time.”

Sigh!  “I know.”

“So just what is it that will take away all this sudden on-set of boredom?”


Turning around on Grandpa’s lap, and taking Grandpa’s face in her hands, looking Grandpa very seriously in the eyes  she answered: “I think the only thing that will work and will work really well is a 4-wheeler ride, Grandpa”.


With a huge smile and one of those looks to me, Grandpa, picked up the little 7-year old and replied…”I think you are on to something, Tally.  Let’s all go for a ride, you, me, Grammy and Boomer.”

Flower-hill(an ant hill surrounded by flowers on cactus hill)

“YAY”!  The little granddaughter said with a huge grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




22 thoughts on “Grandpa I’m Bored—-Thursday, May 28, 2015

  1. Little girls really know how to get their way with Grandpa, don’t they!? They have way too much energy! Enjoy!

    Heavy thunderstorms in the area with anywhere between a few tents of an inch to 7-9″ in the last 18 hours! Lots of thunder and lightning!

    Take care…..blessings!

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  2. Good one Tally.
    I think the score is Tally 1. Others 0.
    I see the country blood is to the fore – getting
    out and doing things. That’s the spirit young lady.
    None of that sitting watching TV, play station and Ipad
    Get out into that fresh air and play – I reckon the “Boomer”
    fellow likes to have a friend for outside games also.

    Have fun Tally with the grands, but don’t run them completely
    off their feet.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
    Friday 29th. 6.18 am.

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  3. Gorjuss !!! being wrapped round grand children’s fingers is what the fun of being a grandie is !
    I envy you their ages, when they still want to do simple fun things with you…love XXX


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