Contentment of a Misty Sky—Sunday, September 2, 2018

My inbox contained a lovely surprise from Sara, in Kentucky

“Finally, a Rainbow for you!:  she announced.

“The first one I’ve seen all summer!”

Now I’m sharing with you…a stunning Kentucky rainbow covering the Equinox farm with lovely grazing sheep!

Thank you so much, Sara!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Near and Far—Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rainbow from Sara


Yesterday was “one of those days”…I felt like I was drug through a knot hole, then stomped on after I was pushed the hole, flung out the window and the left in the thunder and rain.  I was glad when the day ended.

Just plain glad.

This morning is ever so much better!

Checking my email I had this lovely rainbow gift from Count Chocula and Sara I needed this!

A-welcome-Rainbow-1There was also one for me right here, across the field just waiting for me.

I had to remind myself…it all gets better with time.  My mother was so right.  She always said to me:  “Everything always works out for the best, if you just let it”.

And it does.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Wonder Goo!

Sometimes I just don’t get hoomans!  No I don’t.


If you find sometime good….something so wonderfully, incredibly good, something so delightful you just have to bay….HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!


And then roll in it!

You always get a disgusted look—they actually (your humans) actually grab their noses and sometimes they even have to go herk.

I mean…come on!  Smells like this don’t come along all the time, they are a great find…a wonderful gift from the world of nature.

I just don’t get it.

Miss Tilly from Punkin’s Patch—sent me an email telling me she found some great stuff.

WOW!  Cool, Miss Tilly…go ahead and roll in it…roll really, really good!  Spread it alllllllllllll over you… start first with a really good sniff at the stuff…then with your neck—kinda scrape all the Wonder Goo onto your neck—try to get all four sides of your neck, you won’t be able to but try anyway.


By the time you get the Wonder Goo on your neck a sorta daze will permeate your brain and it won’t matter if your Mom is yelling at you to stop….this is what you are aiming for…the permeating of your brain and the ability to ignore your mom.

Then as soon as you notice your Mom’s voice is far, far, farrrrrr away —get up and lay down on your back.  Make sure you lay your back flat down on the Wonder Goo and then squiggle and squirm all over it it…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Boy that will feel good!  Just keep on squiggling until you are pretty sure you have every drop of Wonder Goo all over you and in your fur.

NOW!  You will have the Wonder Goo with you wherever you go!

Once you get done with this you can go and do whatever you want to do, since Wonder Goo is now a part of you!  I usually go show Mom!

Miss Tilly asked me if Mom would get mad…mine doesn’t I typed back to her, although, she does hack around a lot and usually makes me walk home with her.

Okay, Miss Tilly typed back.  I’ll print this off so I can have it to study.  Sometimes I don’t get the computer like I want, because Mom gets it first.

I always walk with Mom anyway so the walk home part is a cinch, Miss Tilly typed back to me.

I’ll let you know how it goes, was her parting line.



Hey, Boomer?  Are you there?

Say’n Hi! Miss Tilly!  How’s is going back there on your sheep farm?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Boomer?


I found some Wonder Goo….


Miss Tilly

“I thought you said I wouldn’t get in trouble for rolling in gross stuff!”

Oh!  Sorry, Miss Tilly….sorry.  I just thought the bath would be worth ROLLING IN WONDER GOO!!!!