The Deep Hush—-Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The upper corn field is a pasture away from the headgate. As Terry and I work (last night I shoveled ends and Terry dug the little depressions to hold the siphon tubes and then started the tubes, the night before he shoveled and I dug and started tubes) we can hear the roar and the crashing of the water in the FN Lateral Canal,  as it moves over the little dam and into our headgate, then the turbulent flinging of the water back into the canal heading on toward the Gunnison River, then into the Colorado River.

It’s our own mini-Niagara Falls.

We usually work in companionable silence; the rumbling of the water making casual conversation hard to hear.

SMAfter checking the headgate for trash we drive through the Upper End pasture, around the Fox den area and take the ditch bank road separating the largest corn field from the Alfalfa field to set water in the soon-to-be-planted Pinto Bean field. (Whew!  That was a long sentence!)

By this time the sun has set and twilight fills the land.  I was walking back from the dirt ditch, (counting rows of set water as I went—too many open and the water dries up, not enough open and the cement ditch over-flows—when the full moon started rising.


I am not a ‘good taker’ of moon photos…usually I have the wrong camera with me at the time .  Still I thought…why not.  The full moon in June is called the Strawberry Moon.

Once away from the roar of the headgate the land is growing silent.  Although, night is never truly silent, the sounds take on a deep hush, shhhhhhhhhhhhh, bidding our hearts to be still, step lightly, those who live in the daytime are preparing for sleep.

Here and there the night sounds start, the hoot of a owl, or a cry of a far away fox, the night birds starting to awake, the earth’s breath slowing down to a gentle heartbeat.

It’s easy to stand with Terry, our arms linked, or me resting against his chest his arm around me-both holding a shovel. 🙂

Silently we survey the rushing of the irrigation water down it’s own little furrow. Boomer at our feet, waiting for the word to load up.

The earth calms, our hearts match the beat of the earth’s– peace descends.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



43 thoughts on “The Deep Hush—-Wednesday, June 3, 2015

  1. Dear Linda, a lovely post!! I can truly imagine your setting through your very descriptive words..I close my eyes and can hear the water! Before the days of pivot irrigation, we had row irrigation via metal pipes. As the water came rushing out of the openings, with cloth sacks on them to prevent eroding the soil too much, I would close my eyes and it sounded like I was sitting by a stream in the mountains! So very peaceful! Thank you for reminding of that!

    Your pictures are beautiful! I saw the moon, but it still looked yellow to me rather than the pinkish look it was to get later. It is hard to photograph! You two are a very special couple to me and love that you enjoy your corner of the world together!


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  2. I did not know about the strawberry moon. Makes sense as I have been picking strawberries all day. Your post is simply lovely and I would love to find out how to get some of those pinto beans when they are ready…or planted and harvested. My last post was on cooking pinto beans. Thanks for such a well written blog.

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    • Connie just send me your email address and we will visit. I have some pintos you can have right now…then when the harvest comes in I will send you some of this years beans.


  3. I love the pictures you paint with words and photos. LOVELY and thank you for all of them. They make me happy , happy..and BOOMER is my favorite of all. Blessings to your paradise there…Merri


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