The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—About Mom

Mom is doing better!  She says she still has a dull nagging headache, but the arm/elbow pain is gone.

We took several naps yesterday.  I slept right on the floor next to her…she says I snore…look who’s talking.  Humph!

Then in a tiny break in the rain, Mom, Dad, and I all went for a short ride.  We went to the Rocky Point on our farm.



Dad says…  ‘Let’s all go up to my place’, so we did.


We saw some deer.


And Mom saw some yellow Iris like flowers growing along the Canal Bank,



back home we all sat outside and watch the hummingbirds.

Mom said she needed a day like this.

I licked her hand.  I think we all needed a day like this.



31 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—About Mom

  1. BOOMER yu are a hero……where is your hero cape!!!! WHoooosssshhhhhhhh–can see you flying around, bringing JOY to mom while she rests inbetween jobs on the farm. Hope you hae a campfire tonight, and roast marshmallows and sing songs……and put on your cape too and keep managing the farm there for mom and dad…protector you are!!! Joy -bringer too…way to go BOOM!!! did you get some treats????so get ‘m boy!!!–merri

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  2. I had to read your Mom’s last post. Glad to hear she is better. I sometimes get migraines when a front is coming in; but I worried when I saw the arm/shoulder pain.
    We are still learning about gluten free.
    You are lucky to live where you do and see all you see. Thank you for sharing it with us, Boomer!

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  3. Boomer, I’m so glad you stay near Mom and are there for her….even if you both snore!! 🙂 That looks like a pretty ride you all took! And to see some deer, too, what fun! We had some flowers up in Iowa that grew wild, that my mother called ‘flag iris’, but I can’t remember if they looked like this. Was about 60 years ago!!

    Tell Mom I am sorry she isn’t feeling good and to take care of herself! Blessings!

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