The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Out on the Ditch Bank



Mom had to go help Dad over at the other place.  She went on the tractor so I didn’t get to go!  😦

Mom and Dad won’t let me run alongside either, they say I’m too old (I’m eleven now) and it would be way too long of a run so I get—“No, Boomer!  NO!  You stay here”!  Then Mom gives me a hug and a very stern look and off she goes.

BUT!  I always meet Mom when she comes home!  ALWAYS!  I meet Dad, also, but I don’t run down the road as far. 🙂

The fox are coming into the yard.  One had Sammy cornered.  Mom heard the racket and came running out of the house just in time to see the fox and Sammy in a standoff at the grain ben.  I chased the fox all the way to the upper end.  Whew!  Boy was I ever hot and tired when I got back.  Mom gave me a big bowl of cold water and a dog cookie.  I gobbled up the water and the cookie and took a Loooong nap.  I sure needed it.  (I might be old(er), but I can still do my job!)


Last night we scared Momma Deer and her Princess out of the corn field when we went up to change the water.  (Dad was a little disgusted, but at the same time we ALL liked seeing the little baby!)  Mom told me that today we will just take up more of the shelled corn and put it closer to where the deer are bedding down.


Everyone had a big laugh when I chased a mouse out of one of the siphon tubes.  It ran toward me and I sorta jumped.  BUT!!! No one jumped as much as Mom did when she put a siphon tube into the water and a vole rushed out of the end of the tube and over her hand!

Mom didn’t scream but she sure did lose the siphon tube in the ditch and run backwards for a short spell!!! 🙂

Early this morning we were just stirring around when the fox came back INTO THE yard and ran right by the kitchen window.  Monkey started growling low in her voice, Sam jumped up on the window sill, Mom and I hurried out the back door and Mom said “Get!” to the fox.  Which it did.

I didn’t chase the fox this time, he/she was going so fast there was no reason to give chase.


Well, there is my week. Doesn’t seem like much, but it sure is fun!

31 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Out on the Ditch Bank

  1. WOW BOOMER!!!! I think you deserve more thatn ONE COOKIE for all that work, don’t you???Go for it boy! Youa re the chief watcher-outer there and that is a HUGE JOB…..Fuzzy would be and IS proud of you and so am I. SO go get your well deserved cookies and chill out in the shade. Good work on the Watch!!!–Love , Merri

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  2. Boomer, I’m glad you don’t let the years keep you from doing your job, and doing it well. I can understand why Mom doesn’t want you running down to the other place, but I’m sure she is very happy to see you when she’s coming back. Keep having fun!

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  3. Plenty of activity on the farm to keep good old Boomer on the
    I should imagine a doe and her fawn could wreck some havoc in the
    corn field.
    Not too good for the fox to be harassing the house cats, hopefully
    the fox was distracted from invading the hen house, or have the
    hens gone?
    Lovely day here (4th July) for the American tourists, new “Aussie” residents
    and backpackers to celebrate your day. I usually go into the CBD
    to see some of the festivities in the bars in the Mall and at the “Grand
    Central Hotel” where the younger brigade gather for American style
    food and US brands of beer etc. Today I am staying at home.
    Thankfully the weather for the celebrations appears (7.00 am)
    to be very favourable – cloudless and sunny.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

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  4. That may not seem like much to you, B., but to me you’re a SUPERHERO! What a brave and helpful guy! I lazed around in the air conditioning, walked in the park with Mom, and sat in the shade under her lawn chair.

    Love and licks,

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  5. Hi Boomer, our place has been busy. too. Early A.M our resident barn owl came into the barn to roost. The folks were disgusted, a goher is in the green beans. There also was a ground squirrel in the wood pile. I will be 11 years old in August. I get told to go in the shade, my Aussie coat makes me too hot! Our day started off with splitting wood for two hours, really early. Goodies on the grill later, Yum! The hot part of the day will be in front of the fan. Happy 4th of July!

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