Up on the Roof Top—Sunday, July 19, 2015

On-the-roofThe west side of the house is done!!!


And the south side was finished last night after supper.  Terry had to come help on a couple of scary (for me spots).

Now all that is left is 3/4 of the east side (with a very scary part surrounded by the metal roof…I don’t know if I can do all threes sides of that upstairs jut-out!  I just don’t know.  I can do the east part, by hanging out the window…the two sides will require I am in a safety harness.  That alone has me trembling in my flip-flops.

Then there is the north side of the house…sigh!

Double sigh!

It is the tallest part of the house and the steepest.  Terry doesn’t even like working up there.  The scaffolding will work on part of it….I just have to get my head around the whole process before I can tackle the front of the house.

Today I’m taking the day off.  My painting arm is exhausted so is my back and my knees.  One day off will do me good. 🙂  Besides we always take of Sunday…a day of rest.


One nice thing is it hasn’t been hot.  Lovely cloud cover most days, OR the day starts out sunny then the rain clouds come in cooling everything down.

Sure has been nice…roof tops are HOT and so are blinding white houses.

As Red Skelton used to say as he closed off his show: “May God Bless [Good Night]”

Your friend,




27 thoughts on “Up on the Roof Top—Sunday, July 19, 2015

  1. Naughty girl. Linda! Flip flops being worn on a roof!!! That is
    a bit dangerous.
    Progressing so far nice and slowly – no need to rush,
    and rest taking is advisable.

    The top photo is a bit mischievous! Take a good “gander”
    at it and think – “where have I seen something like this before”
    as I look down from the roof.
    Maybe it is my vivid imagination, but standing on the top of
    a castle in Europe and looking down at the manicured gardens
    of the gardens below – doesn’t the top photo have a similarity???
    The ring effect and the corridors to the centre piece.
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
    PS: The horrible cold snap from the south has abated
    and normal winter conditions are back in place!

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  2. Linda, you are a heroine tackling such a challenge… My thoughts are with you in the hot and the height and the smell of paint… wish I could help you… take plenty of days of rest, it’s easier when you’re not tired out…XXX

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