A Space to Fill Forever—Monday, July 20, 2015

On Sunday the work slows down to just the things which must be done

PintosWe changed the water in the pinto bean field (that is our house and barns in the distance)

CheckingAnd changed the water in the smallest corn field.  (Grand Mesa is in the background)Flowing

That is all.

GreenI walked through my yard, watering the pots and deadheading some of the flowers.

It was like walking through a cloud of perfume, in some places.  The low hum of the bees filled the air along with the chirps of the birds.


The peace was strong enough to fill forever.

I am blessed beyond measure.

Your friend,



23 thoughts on “A Space to Fill Forever—Monday, July 20, 2015

  1. Love the photos from the roof. I remember climbing out over the peak at our Lodge in Ely Minensota, the Lodge was HIGH and I climbed up the ladder dad had in back and waled out on the roof over that peak, and painted that tip. When dad saw me up there he about passed out……wow……I could NOT do it again . But it was ok. I was balanced more than I am now, and not afraid . Someone had to do it..ha ha !!!I just LOVE your place of PEACE…I can only imagine how it must feel to look out over all the beauty there that YOU help God express by your works there. and just be so grateful you are about your Father’s business..feeding and taking care of the world. It is appreciated…for sure. Blessings to you all there from here—-Merri

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  2. OH these views are even better than the one from the roof. And you can see them standing on the ground…I like that in a view ))). The hollyhocks are so pretty and I love how you made me here the bees and insects in my mind… Just a lovely post.

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