The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—NEWS

Mom buys me toys to play with…but I don’t like them.

Mom throws me balls…I chase them sorta…Fuzzy and I used to place chase with each other, but not really.  We enjoyed chase the fox, or chase the squirrel, or splash in the ditch more.  Well, ummmmmmmm, Fuzzy enjoyed splash the ditch; I liked (and still do) GATHERING NEWS!!!


News for the day!


Mom moved a couple of the garden toads from under my dog houses to her corral garden.


They really seem to like it out there…works better than getting living under my dog house.


We have frogs in the irrigation ditches!  I love, LOVE, to put my nose on them and watch them hop away.


Our yard is full of birds…they sing us awake every morning and chirp sleepy little songs in the evening to put us to bed.


Lots of Gambol’s Quail this year.  Dad is really happy we have more pheasants than last year.  We lost lots of pheasants a few years back and it’s taken awhile for them to recover.


There are baby raccoons in one of the trees in the yard.  Cute little things!


There are raccoons in the yard, in the farm yard, and out of the ditch.  There are as many raccoon as there are fox; is seems.


As for the home front—Sammy does a very good job of keeping the mice down.  (I’m glad that his job…it’s NOT something I’m ever going to do—Fuzzy would do it, but NOT ME!)

Looking for the mailman

Well, that’s the news for today.  I’m off, now, to get ready and bark the mailman down the road…he should be coming anytime now.


34 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—NEWS

  1. Just don’t sniff or lick the toads. Their skin tastes bitter and gives off a nasty smell. Frogs are fun, though. You sure have a lot going on at your farm. Love those bird feeders.

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  2. Hey Boomer:
    Glad you like all the animals. However, those of us with urban racoons really don’t like them in the yard. I thought my bird feeder was protected from these nocturnal and ultra clever animals. Racoons love both city and countryside locations. I had to find and purchase a larger diameter [24″] steel guard that will fit on my 4×4″ post! If it works and I see that several people have them from comments on Amazon, I will purchase two more where I have other feeders installed. Pesky racoons! They love black oil seeds well all the feed I put out for the birds, and chipmunks. I hope that the cost of the bird seed will go down when I stop feeding these ‘hogs’. From the pictures that your owner posted mine are at least 25% larger. Not sure how they can move so fast with their belly’s dragging on the ground. HA!

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  3. Good think you’re not a mouse Boomer, those guys are awesome at catching those little guys. We get lots of Gambols Quail around here too; they make some pretty cool sounds. Early in the mornings, it’s a cacophony of chirps and squeals around here with them

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      • We have so many of them around here we have to watch for them along the neighborhood roads. It’s nothing to see three or four “families” of twenty or thirty each walking across the streets in single file.

        A few years ago, we stopped for a family that was crossing the road and the last chick was having trouble making it up the curb. I got out, picked it up and put it on the yard. It was incredibly tiny.

        I was a bit shocked one of the older birds didn’t wait around to scold me, but they all just kept on trucking through the yard.

        Fortunately, the little thing knew exactly which way to run to catch them.

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  4. Wow. You live in a true animal kingdom. That must be fun. There’s a little-known Beatrix Potter book you might like called “The Pie and the Patty Pan” about a dog who accidentally eats a mouse pie at a cat’s house. You remind me of that book! You might like it! x’s from France where our dog barks at EVERYone.

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  5. Oh Boomer. You have so many fun jobs around the farm , no wonder you don’t need toys! Barking the mailman, writing up the weeks news, watching out for all those animals … You’re a busy guy. I was wondering if the UPS man ever visits the farm and if you get unhappy when he does. All of our kids have mellow dogs that don’t bark much, but when that brown truck visits, they all try to chase it away! They hate that truck, (this is in four different places, not the same driver).

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  6. re: the pixure of the cat w/mouse … how can we have recently discovered a mouse (or mice?!) IN OUR HOUSE and we have SIX CATS ?!
    and like you, we are “toad fanciers” also. Betty likes to see horned lizards on our desert sojourns …

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