The Sound of Water—Monday, August 3, 2015

StormsThe storms are building again.  We have had two days of fall like weather…pleasantly cool and moisture filled.  As I write this the sun is shining, but the clouds are building over the Uncompahgre Plateau (Un-come-pah-gray, with the accent on the pah).  They say we will have heavy rain this afternoon.

Rise-1Today my daughter and the grandchildren leave for their home in Craig, Colorado.  This time (the leaving) always makes me sad.  Although, I know in a week or so we will get to have Linkin for a spell.  And we will make a short trip to Craig, to take Linky home after our week with her.

The space in-between won’t be THAT long, it just the fact there is a space.  I’m sure all you parents out there understand.  Of course the children, who have moved away only see this as necessary …. and an adventure.

It’s the leaving part.

I remember my Grandmother standing forlornly in her driveway waving her little hankie, tears in her eyes, (as we would drive away) all those many years ago.  And we weren’t going far….

Today I walk a mile in her worn and battered shoes.  I will kiss each one good-bye, and wave sadly, but with a brave smile on my face. (I hope), but the sound of water loud in my ears.


Your friend,





22 thoughts on “The Sound of Water—Monday, August 3, 2015

  1. Linda, your header is gorgeous!! As are all the other pictures! I do understand your feelings of saying good bye to the grandchildren even tho they are only 20 miles away! But I will soon have the joy of having them near, except both boys are getting older and will soon leave home for higher things!


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  2. My Mom does the same thing when we leave. And there’s always” Turn on your lights, lock your doors, don’t pick up anyone, call me when you get home.” And yes…… will always be “home”. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful photos. I do hope you get some of the rain predicted – that is of course if you want it. Looks like you got your hay off (??) so rain would be very welcome? Enjoy the last day with your family. It is always so wonderful to have them home.

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  4. Our two oldest grand boys are in college in Seattle area. One is college and military and in Georgia this month. Daughter n law in Germany, son in Dubai. At least our daughter and family are local here but as you know farmers don’t have a lot of extra time. We are in Florida, lots of rain this week, 18inches in parts here. Know how hard to say bye .

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  5. oh yes I well know that feeling! But moving away was our choice so we can only blame ourselves.
    Pictures are beautiful…let us hope the rain will be light and not a deluge

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