Tiny Bits of Magic—Tuesday, August 4, 2015

jI’ve been working in my yard…weeding.

kI have company coming on Thursday.

I want to get my yard weeded and watered then I will straighten the house. I have the windows washed and the floors mopped anything other than that isn’t going to happen.


These little acts are protection against my worrying about worrying.


A bit of preservation of  the mind.

Once they have come, I will not think about those things again. Just enjoy the time together.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,


39 thoughts on “Tiny Bits of Magic—Tuesday, August 4, 2015

  1. Fun to look forward to company. Yes, the time together counts the most. Those will be the memories. The state of the house won’t matter. Busy here. Running the wood splitter in the early a.m. Garden is producing big time. Lovely Zinnias. My favorite and must plant every year. Have a favorite photo of my grandson at 2 years old in the Zinnias. He has children now. Makes me smile. We now have smoke from all our fires here in CA. Nothing close to us, thank goodness.
    Have a great day!

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  2. Enjoy your visitors – funny the different terminology used.
    You say “company” and we, here, say “visitors”.
    Your zinneas look great and the weather appears to suggest
    a BBQ might be in order. As you love the warmth rather than
    your freezing winters, I think I’d make the most of ourdoors
    whilst you can.
    Here day 5 of August and another lovely clear, sunny “un-August” day
    and only 26 to go!! Will this be a climatic miracle for the record keepers
    of the “oracles”???
    Cheers – have fun.

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    • Well, this time we are having company…Terry’s sister and her husband. People we like to take care of and enjoy. We also have visitors, but those are people who are stopping by for a very short spell, and don’t require me to really do much for them.


  3. It’s always been something in my family, if you’re going to see the house, you’re not company or visitors, you’re a buyer even if the place isn’t for sale. If you’re coming to see us, you don’t give a hang about the house, other than basic cleanliness (bathrooms and kitchen clean, floors mopped or swept, clean bedding and a quick dusting. No one in my family was much given to housekeeping either, too many other far more interesting and rewarding things to do. As my grandmother said, “you can teach a chimpanzee to clean a house”. We may soon have robots to do that kind of thing.

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  4. Your gardens are so beautiful! Mine have succumbed to the heat and dry of the summer. I water them, but they still wilt. The hardness of the well water keeps them from enjoying the drink.

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