A Remembrance —Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A-Spot-of-redToday is my mother’s birthday.  She was born in 1929.  She left us five days after her birthday in the year 2000.

The missing never ends for those we love, does it?  There have been so many who have gone before.  Today…the people of my youth, my blood family, my friend and sister of my heart are all gone.  There is only my brother and I.  We are two left from many.

Although, we both have children and grandchildren, so the line of life stretches ever onward…and onward  the way it should.

mYour friend on a western Colorado farm,



26 thoughts on “A Remembrance —Wednesday, August 5, 2015

  1. My sister and I are all that are left in my immediate family. I spent the weekend with my mom’s people in Minnesota at a reunion. It was strange to be there without her, my brother and father.

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  2. My mom was born in 1929 too but in September and I lost her in 2007. I do understand your feelings on this day. I lost both of my parents to brain cancer but Dad left me in 1992 a month before his birthday. I miss him so very, very much.

    I love your photos of the western skies. Hope your day is grand with precious memories!

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  3. A piece of our loved ones stays with us forever, doesn’t it? I have lost so many and now just my Mother and me is all that is left….Papa died in 1999 and my little brother in 2013. But we carry on with our memories and love for them. And that love helps us carry on.

    Blessings to you, my dear friend!

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  4. it is my Mum’s birthday on 8th august and she died in 1969 but I think of her everyday. She would be 96
    No matter what happens to each of us ….the world keep spinning and life goes on….

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  5. Aww, Linda, I understand your feelings. I lost my own mother in 2003 to cancer. She was only 70. I still miss her also. Loss is hard, we never stop missing our loved ones. I lost the love of my life six years ago; he was only 57. And then my best friend of over 30 years died the following year. Was a tough time. But life goes on and I have a wonderful grandson who is the new love of my life!

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