The Magic Light of Mingled Dusk and Sun Fire—Wednesday, August 12, 2015

;Last night we loaded Boomer into the back of the pick-up and headed toward Olathe, Colorado.

The evening ride was a brief enchantment from the daily activities.


We were driving toward a storm; rain chutes reflecting the setting suns’ rays.

Then the dark clouds washed over us, pushed along by strong winds

121 As we drew closer to our destination HOPE sprung across the heavens in brilliant 122shades of a massive rainbow.


Stopping we put Boomer in the front with us, for giant drops of rains were starting to descend.  (He was one very glad dog to be sitting on my lap, nose stuck out the rolled down window.  A huge doggie smile upon his face.)

The drive home was in the middle of the storm, lightening, thunder and at times rain coming so hard and fast we couldn’t see the road. SunlightThis morning the air is moving gently over us, hinting at the first cool touches of late September.

Your friend,



35 thoughts on “The Magic Light of Mingled Dusk and Sun Fire—Wednesday, August 12, 2015

  1. Oh How lovely to have this peace connected in color and with beautiful words! Thank you! The colors are astounding and the happiness of BOOMER sticking his head out the window is priceless. Thank you, Linda!!! and Terry and Boomer too. Blessings to you all there and look at those beautiful , magical holly hocks…what a color. Joy to you all! Merri

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  2. My growing up years were in Montrose and during the summer months, my mom, sister, and I picked fruit for a man in Olathe. All I remember is his first name was Frank. It was such a blessing to find your blog and see all the pictures of the place I left my heart 45 years ago. Will always be home to me and I appreciate so much being reminded daily of things this old brain has forgotten. lol. Thank you for all the time and your devotion to making this Grandma smile!

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  3. Beautiful pictures, Linda!!! Such a gorgeous rainbow! Absolutely love the hints of Fall we are getting occasionally…a promise of a bit cooler weather!

    Blessings! btw…last night in the cabin!!!

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  4. All good, all beautiful, all love… sky, flowers and Boomer….
    We are wilting under the coldest weather on record in NZ…. and I’m crouched over a fire which burns with little heat, as I’ve run through all the dry wood…

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  5. thunderstorms can be exciting but not always for dog….my little one , who is old shivers and shakes and some dogs like Bongo Dog are petrified…Boomer is luckyto have you

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  6. That is breathtaking stuff. I wish I’d been there too. Maybe not in your lap with my nose out the window (not very comfortable for you), but there nonetheless. I love it when nature just takes over and shows us what’s what. (Minus death and destruction of course. I know that’s part of nature too, but I don’t love that part.)

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