The View from on High—Friday, August 14, 2015

PlaneI just HAD to post again some photos of our Sunday flight!

TipThe tip of silver wings

TopOur part of California Mesa.  The Swirly gray areas are the foot hills of the mesa, which then drops off into Roubidoux Canyon.

Us-2Okay.  I’ll stop this now.  It was just the neatest treat!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



35 thoughts on “The View from on High—Friday, August 14, 2015

  1. Gaining life from a new perspective is amazing …… and has so much to teach us of how limitless our possiblities are..Blessings to you all there in that heaven on earth!! Merri

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  2. I bet it was fun. These types of small planes were the lifeline for outstations in Papua New Guinea when I was living up there – 1963/69. You’d be astounded what pilots could do with them
    in most kinds of weather conditions. I’d estimate I had 100’s of flights in either the Beachcraft or Cessna or Piper varieties of these wonderful planes. Some flights your stomach was well and truly in your mouth – ha ha.
    I’m guessing that this “angel of the sky” is a Piper Pawnee or a Piper Cherokee. It looks too small for the famous and larger Navajo model.
    Ah those were the strangest and funniest days of my life up there in the “land of the wuzzie fuzzies”. Thanks for the memories of flying in PNG!!
    PS: Another un-August day here – bright sunshine, will be warm and no bloody freezing Southern
    Ocean winds!!

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  3. Thank you for the pictures in flight, Linda. My mother used to say she would like to ride a helocopter and see what the farm grounds looked like. We never did find anyone to take her up,but she and Dad was in a commerical plane and she said it was great. I really do not care to fiy ,maybe in small plane or maybe hot air balloon.
    Sorry Colorado has the leak from the mine. Hope EPA cleans it up. We know what they would do if an farmer had a bad spill like that. Have good weekend. Sharon Drake

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