Something Different—Monday, August 17, 2015

LearningAs much fun as it is learning new things, helping out, and just hanging out talking to the grandparents, visiting aunts and uncles and staying up long into the night talking to Grammy before going to sleep….

LinkinSometimes you just need to do ‘something different’.   So today we are heading into town to pick up Linkin’s very best friend (they have been best friends since First Grade) Ellie!


Ellie will spend the day, the night, the next day and part of the evening with us.  Then, on Wednesday, she most go to school and we will be taking Linkin home.

PinkIn the mean time…memories will be made for a life time.

And as always I offer my friendship to you,



28 thoughts on “Something Different—Monday, August 17, 2015

  1. Friends are just wonderful, especially if you can have them for life. Grandma is very special, to let best friends spend time together at her house! You have my friendship, and I sure am glad to have yours!

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  2. thank you dear friend , I humbly accept your offer of friendship.xxxx
    I am sure that two lovely girls will find masses to do and many things to giggle about and that you and Terry will collect many happy memories

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