I’m Late, Very Late—Tuesday, August 18, 2015

lTerry and I have been working down at the other house…there was (not anymore 🙂 ) a broken water pipe.

kOf course, it was way, way, under there…crawling through icky dark cobwebby spots is never a favorite thing to do

jThen we found out that the clothes washer wasn’t working

FrogSo to make a very long, tedious story short

d We are done! (We hope!)

The girls have gone with Terry to change the water and I’m fixing lunch.

cCrossed fingers and toes…everything is back into place and good working order.

As always your friend,



49 thoughts on “I’m Late, Very Late—Tuesday, August 18, 2015

  1. Lovely gardens. You can look at the flowers and feel that something is right with the world. It is never just one thing that breaks . So nice that handsome is good at fixing things and wonderful that you can help him. And, it beats dragging a 3 day dead cow out of the river!

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  2. Linda, I am not sure exactly where you live. Is the water mess from the mine going to bother your water? the EPA sure seems to be slow about getting things taken care of.
    Glad you have your little ones visiting. Sharon Drake

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  3. Absolutely gorgeous flowers, Linda! I, too, love hollyhocks but the grasshoppers and other bugs just decimate them! 😦 We are to have a strong cold front (for August) come in tonight. High in the upper sixties for us tomorrow and tomorrow night in the 50’s! May need a blanket!

    Blessings to you, Terry and Linkin!

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  4. Oh yeah, thEre are A few things that supersede everything else, a broken water pipe definitely is one of them. Glad you’ve got it fixed. I’ve done my share of cobwebby crawling …it’s not fun! But sure makes you thankful for hot showers and cups of tea or whatever. … Your flowers are so beautiful!

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  5. Really, I just happened to glance at my iPad yesterday afternoon a on my way to try to conquer some of the weeds and grass in my yard. I said some because I’m so far behind. Feeling overwhelmed, your pictures of a well kept yard gave me new vigor. Thanks!

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