Fall is in the Air—Monday, August 24, 2015

Rabbit-BrushNo matter how much I wish to ignore the signs…they are here.

Fall has arrived!

The nights are cooler–so much so I must so I must shut the windows in the house by two in the morning.

AlmostThe Rabbit Brush is starting to bloom, the trees are sporting lighter leaves, even yellow in some places.

FledgeThe last of this year’s bird babies are rapidly growing and changing. ย One set fledged yesterday…to the relief of Sam-Sam. ย These little ones were on the back porch light, causing the parents to very aggressive to Boomer, Sam and Terry and I.

bWe even have a few leaves starting to leave the trees.

BrillantNo matter that it is still August…Fall has arrived.

Your friend,



32 thoughts on “Fall is in the Air—Monday, August 24, 2015

  1. I wish fall could last a good two+ months ~ favorite time of the year! The greens still mixed with rusts in the fields, the sunflowers and soon golden aspen leaves. And those lovely cool nights… ahhhh Your flower garden is looking lovely! And those baby swallows ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Most people like the fall but it is a depressing time of the year for me. I am SO a spring/summer person warm and hot weather person, So far there are no signs of fall around here so i am a happy camper.

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  3. Great shot of the “ready” to depart Swallow chicks.
    (Hope I got the correct bird breed this time??)
    Reminds me of peak hour train travel and people
    waiting for doors to open to get out of the stuffed
    train conditions!!!

    Here Spring is 5 days away but August really has been
    just like a mild version of Spring.
    Winter wasn’t all that cold also this year, so I wonder.
    Will you over in Colorado have a freezing winter and we in the
    southern hemisphere be cooked to a frazzle!!! ????
    Weather: 26th August 7.30 am. Too BLOODY good to be true!!!
    August departs without a blasting shot – just a teenie weenie whimper.

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  4. We’re starting to see subtle changes here in my neck of the woods in Virginia. The maple leaves are changing and the hummingbirds have migrated back and are now starting to move on and the robins have left. We’re starting to see some 50* nights and I love them. The monarchs have left too and the kestrels are moving in. Waiting to see the eagles and hope they spend the winter again. The squirrels have just had what we think will be their last litters and one of our neighbors was cutting firewood and felled a big oak that had a nest of three in it. Mom left the country and I saved one little girl. I’ll post about her later. Enjoy the weather!!

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  5. I am looking forward to fall so this blasted humidity will leave! Love your pictures of the baby birds. We had a robin learning to fly in our backyard a few weeks ago and when I got near the parents went crazy!

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