More Signs—Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We are still having haze from the fires!  Although, and in spite of, yesterday was a lovely fall day.


The leaves are just beginning to turn; some are already falling.  Not many, one or two, silently, a slight flicker at the edge of eyesight.

FlyingSunday we had over thirty of these flying little jewels.  Flitting here and there, getting in squabbles with each other, dipping and dodging.  I go through a gallon of sugar water every day.

JewelsAfter we came in from setting the last of the water, the dappled light from the setting sun, glowing through the haze Terry, Boomer, and I rested before going in.GlowIt was at that moment I realized the sounds of the Hummingbirds had dimmed.  Only six little birds were visiting the feeders. The same count this morning.  The hummingbird migration has begun.

I would much prefer Fall/Autumn to begin the last of September, not now, not in August. Still it is here…the sunlight this morning caught in the cobwebs heavily dappled in dew. Many of the other spring and summer birds have left…it won’t be long now until the Swallows leave.  They seem to be around the last to go.  Not always, but close. hollyI understand why we measure time—for it is the hope that in doing so it will not leave.

As always your friend on a western Colorado farm,




27 thoughts on “More Signs—Tuesday, August 25, 2015

  1. I’m catching up backwards, have been wondering if you had smoke. It has been terrible here… But we are counting our blessings, so much worse in Washington. The haze is pretty in your pictures if you ignore what’s causing it. Your last sentence is beautiful.

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  2. Beautiful words and pictures, as always. I just got back from a week in your lovely state, in the Creede/Lake City area. Smoky, but will forever be one of my most favorite places!

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  3. I finally an getting hummers here! 😀 maybe half a dozen. I got different feeders. I think that helped. I love to sit and watch them. I’m amazed at how close they get to me!
    Our leaves have been falling, I’m pretty sure the trees are stressed out from heat and lack of water!
    Since we sit in a canyon, we’ve had a lot of smoke. Some days it’s just terrible! The smell is amazing! Like your sitting right next to a Bon fire!
    I know the rains will come. I just wish they’d hurry up! But slowly, so there’s no mud slides!

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  4. Your comments about time are quite profound. I’m so intrigued by your observations. On another topic, it is sobering, isn’t it?, to see haze from massive fires no matter how far away they are. Nature is so vast and so in control of our lives and always seems to find a way to show us.

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  5. The fires in Oregon are on the news here. As per an obvious agreement
    in these terrible times, Aussie and Kiwi fire fighters are assisting.
    Forest fires are really frightening, I trust arsonists were not responsible.
    One species of the human race that are beyond redemption and must
    have such twisted mental (limited) facilities.
    Your little “hummers” sure are thirsty little buggers – a gallon of sugar
    Wish you could get the rain that you need before final harvesting – depending
    on the weather “gods” is not good for one’s health.
    Rain would also be welcome here before summer arrives.
    PS: The airfield shown in the clip was what I was referring to in PNG mountain
    posts/admin.locations. Clouds come in and thus no planes for supplies – sometimes
    for weeks!!!

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  6. Beautiful, Linda ~ Our favorite little hummers started leaving the forest last weekend. I so hate to see them leave. Just the stragglers stopping by now. Speaking of time… Didn’t they just arrive?
    The smoke hangs heavy on this site of the divide, too. Keeps me on an uneasy edge. The challenges that lie ahead for those areas, are what has become the new norm here… Rain, ever so lightly, but rain.

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  7. Beautiful, Linda, I watch the seasons by the birds too, and the wood pigeons are back chomping on our loquats, slowly ripening to gold, the tuis are chasing each other around the garden, mad with desire, and the thrush is eyeing up the ivy round the garage door for this year’s nest…

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  8. the Swallows in Bulgaria left a few weeks ago…so does that herald a bad winter? It has been a very hot summer and now it is nearly September and I am glad that the weather has cooled..It was unbearable sweaty sticky heat, but now it is still warm enough not to need coat .
    lovely pictures as always

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    • When the Swallows leave here they are on their long flight to warmer climates. I really don’t know if it means a hard winter or not—just that the season is changing.


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