Here and There, the Bugs Fill the Air — Thursday, September 9, 2021

The sky is shot-through with bugs, this time of year

Their little bodies are caught in your hair, on your face, and smashed on your glasses

Sometimes they like to sting you

Diving right to you—————-RUN, I think, but instead I snap a photo 🙂

Then taking off like a speeding plane

I mean…after all…I have to see if I can get a photo.

I think you know me well enough by now. 🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Magic —- Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Some of my photos

Deserve their very own post

They are so full of beauty




I just had to give them their own space!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Gift from Sweden—Monday, September 9, 2019

Fall is singing its familiar song—warm, gusty days, then a cooldown of coat-wearing chill

The last irrigations are starting to take place

But, still, a joyful sign, is an Autumn Rainbow all the way from Sweden.

“Hello, Linda! Here is a rainbow for you from Sweden! Have a good sunny autumn! Greetings from Asta 😊

Not just one rainbow, but a DOUBLE rainbow! Twice the beauty and joy all at once.

Thank you so much, Asta!

From my world to your heart,


2018 Pinto Bean Harvest —-Sunday, September 9,2018

The pinto beans are finally dry enough we started the harvesting process.

Off we went (Boomer and me on the four-wheeler, Terry in the grain truck) until we arrived at the in-place combine.

The earth was warm, the air hot to scorching, and the dust flying out of the back of the combine as the dry plants were lifted up, shelled and loaded into the hopper….while the broken stems and pods were crushed and flung out the back.

Then later in the day…late afternoon, a surprise rainbow appeared.

We took a wee break as the daytime dissolved into the night.  Setting the water for the still green and growing corn field.

Then we went back to the field continuing until full dark.

Glorious Harvest!  No one could ask for more.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Finished—Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wood-2We finally got all the firewood we ‘think’ we will need for the coming winter.

Wood-1We’ve hauled, stacked, loaded, sorted, and arranged.  We have some logs out by the machine shed for the stove out there.

Our son said he heard that winter was going to come upon us suddenly and last a very long time.

TasselsOnly time will tell.

It was the coldest night so far last night. We woke up to 45*.  The dew is thick upon the grasses and weeds.   The air has a decided turn about it.

Still there is the everlasting light that surrounds us and the farm, bathing all with the start of a new day, or the closing of the old one.

Softly each day brings with it the sheer ordinariness, which is a comfort to the soul.



As always, your friend on a western Colorado farm,