The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—We Slid into Spring

These days are wonderful!  Mom and Dad, the cats and yours truly—BOOMER the Beagle, have been spending every minute of the day outside doing all sorts of things.


Dad works on his ‘stuff’,

Mom is working on raking around all the outbuildings, the chicken house, the three woodpiles and is heading over to the equipment storage area and the corrals next!

The cats hang around outside and act pitiful.  Just pitiful…gosh, geez, they are outside and the wind blows and messes up their fur, and there is no really comfy bed to lay on, whine, whine, whine.

I get sick of it!


Now ME!  I go out the first rattle out the box every morning.  First light!  And I don’t come back in until the sunsets.  (By that time I’m ready to come in.)

I can’t linger too long in the house, you know…there is a whole farm of snacks out there…first I go out and get snacks.  Then I bring them in and toss them around on the grass for a spell.  After that I EAT them.  Then I take a nap.  After my nap I repeat my run to the fields.

I used to try and bury my snacks…way back when I was new here, but when I went to UNbury them they were gone.  Just Gone! So now I drag them into the yard.  I used to drag them in arrange them in areas….beef jerky here, milk duds there.  But when I was out getting more Mom would come by and gather them all up into a sack and take them to the trash barrel!!!!!

(I have to be wary of rain…for some reason rain melts my milk duds so I try to bury them under leaves and weeds in Mom’s flower beds. Mom doesn’t like that either.  Go figure.)

Mom gathering up my snacks and destroying them Horrifies me!  So now I scatter them here and there and everywhere.  Mom still tries to get them all picked up, but she misses some.  Tee Hee.  Those are the ones I snack on when she isn’t looking.



I repeat this off and on all day.  I want a nice pile of snacks, for when the cows leave in the next couple of weeks.



22 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—We Slid into Spring

  1. WOw ou are looking sooo good Boomer!!Thos snacks must agree with you bigtime..or is it the springtime you folks have. We are in winter yet here with two feet on the ground 25 inches of cie on the lakes here in NE MN and six inches of snow coming tonight. So be happy, our snacks are not visible yet but am sure there are plenty under the snow!!! Hugs Boomer–Merri

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  2. You will work that off this summer, lots of farm work to do then. I know they work you very hard in the summer, good thing Mom and Dad have a good boy like you to help out. I do think they feed you good. Love seeing the big tractors running again.

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  3. OMGoodness, B. Dawn till dusk – That’s a lot of snacking on all those naughty cow leftovers. Do you ever just eat kibble or veggies or anything like that? Mom doesn’t allow me to eat from the ground. That’s just wasteful, in my opinion!

    Love and licks,

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