Cow Check—-Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alfalfa-frield-GoneThe cows are ever so calm.  Terry started working the alfalfa field (he is ripping here) and they didn’t even move. (Shows how much we and Davis’ are with them. :0  )

RippingThe Mom’s loved hanging in the field eating the turned up roots.

Rolling-!The little ones didn’t even run from the big loud noisy machine. (Probably because the Mom’s didn’t run or holler at the kids to RUN! :0  )  (Here Terry is rolling)

Rolling-1So Terry had to either get out and make them move or work around them.

CalmCalm, calm calm.

LunchThat evening Terry, Boomer and I rode through the cows on our evening check…There was a BRAND NEW little one just eating lunch.

HurryNow THIS mom decided she didn’t want to have her little one subjected to two noisy four-wheelers…she took off at a run. The little one had to struggle to keep up, but it did.

The-BabysitterAt the Upper End we ran into one of the ‘babysitter’ cows…she had 8 little ones she was watching.

It won’t be long now before Mr. Davis comes and gets his cows and moves them onto his ranch, just below our farm…about a mile away.

Until he comes…I’m going to enjoy every minute of the time we have left with them.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




27 thoughts on “Cow Check—-Thursday, March 10, 2016

  1. Lol…I have to tell you this little story. I few years ago the neighbour had a kid hired to summer fallow and he found a calf sleeping. He thought the mother had abandoned it so he hauled it up into the cab of the tractor with him and drove most of the day worrying about it when the mother was right there.


  2. Doesn’t take cows too long to work out who is trouble and who is not.
    You two naturally, plus obviously “Boomer”, fall into the latter
    category.Certainly are a contented herd.
    From the look of things on the ground they have cleared up all the corn
    stalks and the other stuff associated with the aftermaths of the harvesting
    It will be sad to see them go, but to grassy pastures, they must.
    Cheers and great photos and report. Much appreciated.
    PS: Looks from weather reports here (AUSTRALIA) and the TV photos shown, that the
    outback has had a good supply of moisture from “Huey”. That is good
    for the on coming winter months.

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  3. lookin’ at the last photo, G M in the distance, ‘dobes mid-way — looks like you’re east of the big “D”, (of course?) and maybe north of HWY 133 ?
    there’s a small cow/calf operation adjoining our property — not even ten pairs, but they’re safe from predators here “in the city” ~

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