The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai on Wednesday —Farm Life Series, Chapter 1, Wildlife on the Farm, Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Well, let’s see you’ve learned about what a farm is

and how a farm works;

you’ve learned about the weather on our farm, and now—

You get to learn about the animals who share the farm with US!

We have big animals—

some wild and some who are domesticated (sorta kinda),

we have birds—lots and lots and lots of birds (slurp),

(it is HOT already)

we have small animals (like mice—YUM)

and animals who leave some sort of mark,

we have things that slither,

and bugs of all sorts,

and, that most awful animal of all the animals;

the animals who spell D.A.N.G.E.R. the second thier paw sets down on the ground.

So, for a few days,

you and I will check out “the wildlife who share the farm with us!”

TLC Cai-Cai


For Just a Moment the Sun Seems to be Platinum Instead of Sheaves of Gold—Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Now that the time has changed, we are back to getting up in the dark.

And, even though, winter still whispers in the cold and frozen air.

Daylight starts slipping into night, like a dream, or more like a memory of a dream.

Making one think the Platinum light has stolen away—- that golden glimmer of dawn.

But—not for long and the gentle promise of daylight fills the land.

Work has begun.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





After the Heavy Rain of Gray Skies Swept Away—-Monday, March 16, 2020

There in that wonderous blue sky

I saw rainbows filling the slightly green earth with hope

Lighting the sky with the glow of a luminous gift

Blotting out the cold rain.

That evening the circle around the moon

Promised there were still moisture crystals in the air.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Wonderful Book: Loyal—-Thursday, March 16, 2017

I just finished reading this great book:  Loyal: 38 Inspiring Tales of Bravery, Heroism, and the Devotion of Dogs by Rebecca Ascher-Walsh (Author)   it is a wonderful book….telling the tales of love and loyalty and that special something between humans and the dogs that love them….or is it between dogs and those humans that love the dogs?

There are 38 tales of amazing and wonderful dogs complete with full face photos of the dog being featured.

This is a serious book but also an uplifting book about those wonderful creatures called ‘man’s best friend’ or for many others of us, ‘our fur children.’

It a quick read, but a read, which confirms dogs enrich and enhance our lives in so many different ways.  Many times the stories are about dogs who come to the rescue of the humans in their lives, or as true unconditional acceptance of us, that lifts us up and helps us become better selves.

This is a book you can sit on your coffee table for the lovely photos alone.  It is also a book you can give your visitors, children, and grandchildren to read.  This book can be read and re-read for years.

It’s a great book that reminds us why dogs are an important part of our daily lives.

If you love dogs this is a great book for you.  I highly recommend this outstanding read.

This is the customer comment I left on  It is such a good book I thought I would share my words with you also!






A Request for Help—-Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CompostLast year’s corn fields are all disked, setting mellow waiting for the proper time for Terry to start plowing them up.  (The old corn fields are plowed up, turning the soil into the earth allowing the stalks and leaves to compost)

ManureThis is one of the pastures thoroughly fertilized by the cows.  A very good thing!

But now I have a Request for Help from You, if you would be so kind as to give me some advice. I want to back up my computer to an external hard drive.  Not to a company…although, I do have Carbonite.  They are very good.  VERY GOOD.  But the expense of keeping them connected is starting to wear on my pocket book.

SO I took myself down to Wal-Mart to see what was available for a good back-up system and instantly became terribly over-whelmed.  The helpers in there really don’t know anything except to sell me the most expensive or the cheapest one available.  They talked me into system, which I can’t really figure out how to use…got some stuff on it and can’t get it off…in general I just don’t like it.  (It’s called Passport)

I’m thinking about just using ScanDisk memory sticks.  I would like to usethe memory sticks AND something else.

What I was wondering….would you give me some advice on what to purchase to back up my system?  If you don’t want to leave it the comments, please email me. .   Of course, if you leave it in the comments everyone will benefit.

Birds-and-sunsetSo…anyway….I thank you for your time and for your information.



Farming has Begun—Monday, March 16, 2015

After a wonderful weekend full of family



We had 4-wheeler rides, trips to town, walks on the farm

Playing-with-GrandpaThere were games with Grandpa (they are playing catch the airplane here) and visits with school friends and lots and lots of food.

Sunday they went home.

DiscingToday farming started.  Terry hooked up the disk and is (even as I write) disking up all the uneaten corn stalks and the giant cow patties.

We have two weeks before the water is turned on.  Everything must be done and ready for the first water.

Here we are in another push, but steady is as steady does, so I know we will make it!

Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been really remiss about not getting my comments answered and around visiting your blogs, but I can now get back into a routine.

Routines are always good!

Your friend,