April’s Full Moon—Thursday, April 21, 2016

We are cloudy and cold again.


I so wanted to get a photo of April’s full moon, but alas…it isn’t to be.


SO I have some old moon photos I will re-share with you.

Full Moons

April is the Full Pink Moon and it comes from the herb wild phlox with is pink and starts to bloom in April.  Other names for the beautiful celestial orb is Full Sprouting Grass Moon, The Egg Moon and the FIsh Moon (shad spawn at this time, I’m told)


Love the silver light of a full moon!

Wherever you are I hope you can go outside and enjoy April’s full moon,

Your friend,



29 thoughts on “April’s Full Moon—Thursday, April 21, 2016

  1. Your moon names are my Ojibwey names as well, or more or less close to the Ojibwe….I love the names of the moons aht our tribe gave to them………with some variation it is still magical to see that each one is so powerful in its medicine of LOVE…thank you Linda…Terry and Boomer out there….have a lovely fun day….whatever you are doing..maybe knitting by the fire … smiles…love Merri

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  2. Linda
    I had no idea of monthly “MOON” names.
    I don’t think, I could be wrong, that we have monthly moon
    names here in Australia.
    As for “suicidal” kangaroos, they for reasons known only to the
    Kangaroo family love to eat the grass ( greener) along the roadside
    during the night, dusk and dawn and get blinded by the headlights.
    They can make an awful mess of a car if they are big.

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