Home is the Nicest Word There Is—Sunday, April 24, 2016

“Home is the nicest word there is.”—Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie


I finally got a series of the Pink Full Moon in April…


after downloading the photos I was surprised that there is a faint pink to the moon!


Also, one day last week we saw the most stunning view of the San Juan Mountains—the sky was cloudy accept where the sun had broken through and was shinning just on them.

Sjs We live in the original land of the Ute–the Shoshone–and the Blackfeet Indians–they called the San Juan’s the Shinning Mountains…when I saw the sun breaking through the clouds and lighting up the mountain range I SO had to agree with them!

The San Juan’s lie to the south of us, to the south west is the Uncompahgre Plateau, the west is the Canyons and the desert called The Stinking Desert, to our north is the Grand Mesa, and to the east are the West Elk Mountains.   We are surrounded by shinning mountains on three and half sides and stunning canyons and desert on the other half side.

SoSJSince we live and farm on a mesa we have the joy of seeing so many vistas of great beauty.

I just know, where each one of you live, you also share in this perfect wonder land called the earth!

From my heart to your world!




47 thoughts on “Home is the Nicest Word There Is—Sunday, April 24, 2016

  1. Yes, our world is enchanting for sure .Trick is to take the time to see it and love it as yo say, right where we are. Blessings to you all…so beautiful there in Colorado..Thank you for sharing your joy, Linda..Love Merri

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  2. I have only been through the mountains of the West Four times. To have this view everyday just seems unreal to me. Can’t imagine ever getting used to those images. Thank You for letting us see what you see! One to two miles is my max viewing distance from our farm. Rolling hills and timber dominate in my area.

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  3. Wow Linda. Mountains are my absolutely favorite thing!!! When I was a kid our family got in the old station wagon and headed out to Colorado and Wyoming and boy, did we ever love the mountains. After one trip we were hooked and thereafter, returned every summer to camp and look at the beauty of the mountains. Thank you for such beautiful pictures. I especially love them with snow on them! I can see why you say they’re shining!!!!

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  4. What an amazing photo! I love the San Juan mountains. I have spent many years visiting Ames and Ophir. The whole area of western Colorado is so beautiful! You are blessed to live there. Every direction you turn, all you see is beauty.

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  5. broodyfull/beautiful shots of everything, espesh the San Juans. and, funny, of all the directions and places you describe, seems “B” ‘n mee hang in the Stinkin’ Desert the most … (my next planned post will be of around the Bridgeport area)

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    • The Musser’s, who used to own the cattle land all around Bridgeport and where Esclanate Cattle Company now own and operate would always let us come visit. Of course now it’s not private land anymore. Then even way, way back in time, when my Dad was a young lad (12-14) he would pick fruit at Bridgeport! I love the old bridge there.

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