The Upper End —- Thursday, May 12, 2022

In spite of the wind

The work goes on.  Here we are tearing down fences to make more pastures

Boomer and Fuzzy’s little creek—the one they loved to splash in is flowing strong

The Upper End, on a day without wind

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Down a Crooked Road — Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Things are still dark and miserable.

I want to thank you, each and everyone for your comments, your emails, and your cards.

Please don’t be upset with me if I don’t get you answered back.  I am reading everything, but on my phone, and I find it hard to type on such little keys.

Terry is still not doing well.  Scary times.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


I Love Shadows —- Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I love shadows, they brighten up the sunlight

Cooling down

Even ‘colding’ the earth

They lighten and play across the land

Telling time, if we take (THE TIME) to read them

All through the day, (and even on moonlit nights)

The shadows whisper time

The early morning light (called Dawn) accents the shadows as the sky brightens

Then again, when the sun sets in the west, the shadows emerge growing up from the land instead of retreating, like they do in the morning.

Shadows, never random,

Always present,

Telling time…always

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


One of Those Long Restless Nights—-Thursday, May 12, 2016


I had one of those long restless nights last night.

MonkYou know the kind, whereby you toss and turn, your mind going over all the things you need to do, things you wish you could have done better—everything and anything…

WarningThings that make you wake up in alarm, even though you didn’t think you were sleeping.

SamyEven a walk in the dark with Sam and Boomer left me restless and wide-awake—as if I had drank too much tea.october-dawn

Gradually along about 4 in the morning peace came over me.  The quiet of the night pushing me past the edge of restless dreams into real sleep. Of course first light was in an hour.  🙂

SunriseI get up at 5 in the morning.  Always.  Always.

Things are so much worse in the dark!

home-in-the-morning.jpgRoutine is such a part of contentment; night fears fade away.

From my world to your heart!






A Perfect Day–Tuesday, May 12, 2015

3Yesterday was just a perfect day!  The renters are moved in and seem very excited about everything.  We stopped by to welcome them, there were huge smiles all around!

BBI got my house dusted and vacuumed, and the floors swept!  You don’t know what a huge thing that was.  I was keeping everything cleaned and pick-up, I just have not had time to do a good job of dusting…YAY!



Aren’t these little orange banded furry bumble bees just the cutest things.

Then I got the lawn mowed, the hedge trimmed, and all but one flower bed weeded.  I even got some of my house started plants in the ground.  I am doing a happy, happy dance, that is for certain and for sure. Today I should finish all that up and then be in maintenance mode for the rest of the summer.  (That’s the plan anyway. 🙂 )

There is such joy in finally being caught up!


The corn is looking ‘okay’ in the ground, now that rain and cold temperatures are (hopefully) in the future sometime, and the sun is shinning, The sun and warmer temperature should help the soil to warm up.  Then the corn SHOULD start to sprout and send up little green leaves.  There will be another cheer of great joy as soon as we see the corn rowing out!

Thank you each and everyone of you, for stopping by and for leaving your comments. I am trying very much to answer all my comments in the comment section so everyone will have the knowledge of questions and the answers.  I find that fun things are occurring in the comment section, each of you are getting to know each other.  How nice is that!?

Off now to work on that last bed and to finish putting the Cannas in the ground. Once that is done I can stand back and say….good!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,