Heat Shimmering on the Farm—Sunday, June 5, 2016

Here-Comes-the-Sun-4The heat has arrived!  The sun started the day with a promise of warmth..of air smelling like Iris, Columbines, roses, and pink daisies.

MorningI woke feeling ever so creative and full of energy that I took upon myself a staggering amount of work: clean in the basement, mop the floors in the kitchen, bathroom, the back porch, wash all their windows, clean all the cupboards and cabinets, and refrigerator,  oh, yes and scour the stove.

Rosese-1Work in one flower bed: weed, prune, deadhead, etc.  Painted two of the garden benches.

Sammy--and-the-rosesWhile I’m at it —why not try three new recipes I’ve been wanting to try for some time

AND….start making paper.  (Something I’ve been wanting to do for—ever)

Sitting-Water-on-the-dirt-dBy the middle of the day the heat was sucking down into the earth, causing the soil to glow and simmer and Terry and I to do so right along with it!


It was still hot when we went for the last set of the night, but starting to cool down. (As a side-bar note–I really love the heat; it’s the cold I don’t care for.)Evening-1 When we finally got back home after the last set (9:30 p.m.)  I was obliged to admit to myself— I can not work like that anymore.

I have to pace myself…I was way too tired. I may have been able to work like that a few years ago, or even last year.  But not this year.  From now on I’m going to ‘save’ some things to do later.  There really isn’t a time clock on my work.  The only real time clock exists with the plants on the farm and in my yard. Everything else will wait.

And if people come and the house needs dusting, or the windows washed, I hope they understand—-somethings will just get done at another time.

Evening-2Besides…I’m sure it’s okay.  I never go see someone’s home, I go to see the people who live there.

From my world to your heart,






35 thoughts on “Heat Shimmering on the Farm—Sunday, June 5, 2016

  1. Your roses are just beautiful!
    You have me exhausted even before getting started today :::phew::: I, too, must pace myself (and the pace gets slower)
    I hope you stop and enjoy those roses today ~ kick back and relax…

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    • I just can’t do it. I think the wise thing for us, is to realize that we must slow down. Work is good–it keeps us young. But getting too tired and over-doing will make us sick. So I must understand slowing down is NOT a BAD thing, but a wise thing.


  2. I got tired just reading the ‘to do’ list you had made for yourself. I’m glad you’re going to make some time to enjoy your flowers and the other benefits of living on your farm. Chores will always be there.

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  3. The thing about housework is that the good fairies never do it and so it is there the next day. If someone thinks my house needs cleaning, I will hand them a broom and duster.

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    • From now on. It was a jolt realize I’m not young anymore. Now, I told myself, that doesn’t mean I’m dead…I just have to save stuff for the next day or two.


  4. Good grief — I kept waiting for the punch line to the joke. (Like maybe you were having a dream or nightmare.) But I should have known better,. You really did all that? Plus the sets? I swear you are the hardest working person in the world. Granted I have the excuse of my advanced age now, but honestly I never ever even thought of being that ambitious. .

    So yeah, take care of yourself. That’s the most important.

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  5. Wow, you did have a lot to do! Did you get up wearing your Wonder Woman shirt or something? I know I can’t do so much in a day any more. My body complains too long after! Have fun with your paper making. I hope you’ll share.

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  6. The date on this threw me. Had to make sure I had myself on the right page. 🙂 You and I are opposite. Since having a heat stroke at 10, I can handle no heat over 75. I don’t cool down. I have to eat frozen things to bring my core back to normal. Cold, I can still handle better. Just not on my face and head. Funny. We’ve had triple digits here in the PNW this week and I can barely breathe. I once found a sign that I want to replicate. It said that if you come to see me, you are welcome anytime. If you are coming to see my house, make an appointment. But I like Kate’s saying just as well. There is only so much of us and we are wearing out quickly. My sister is 5 years younger and I kept telling her that each year I find I can do a bit less than the year before. I just helped my son move a mattress and sofa from and back to storage. (We had a yard sale) At almost 68, that’s not bad, but I couldn’t do it all day anymore. I wear out faster. We have one more day of intense heat and then I can come out of hiding. Enjoy your warm. 🙂

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  7. ah kind of h8 the heat! “Betty” has a bunch more heat-tolerance than do I, and was out doing whatever in the flower-beds from NOON ON for a couple-three hours! I stayed inside as I had helped, outside, a few hours each of the past two daze …

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