The Why of Why I Love Summer — Wednesday, June 9, 2021

There is just so much to see!  The Dust twirling in the desert

Little songbirds making nests in security cameras 🙂

Being out on the shimmering ditch banks —yes I do enjoy irrigating

The sky….oh, yes I already told you that :)…

The world is full of color

I think that is what I love the most…COLOR!

Color everywhere (and warmth) and sun and well, just everything!

From my world to your heart,


A Question I Really Need an Answer Too — Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I got this comment yesterday on my post: “I used to enjoy reading your blog, learning a little bit about farming and such, but lately it is so encrusted by advertisements I don’t read it much anymore. It was once a great blog but the ads have taken it over”.

Cobwebs and rosebuds

So now I really need to know….is my blog posts full of advertisements?  Please be honest.

I know that when I open my blog for the first time I do see an ad on the side of the post, but if I go out and go back in the ad is gone.

But if you are having trouble reading because of ads, and going out and back in doesn’t get rid of them I will do something different.

I just looked at the cost of going ad-free and it looks like $100 per year

So, while I really must watch my money; I really don’t want to lose my reader base

So if you would be very kind, and take time out of your very busy day

I would be so very grateful for your input!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Day Filled with Wonder—-Wednesday, June 6, 2018

There is always something to see

Something new to discover, just there…or over here…or right before our eyes

Some wonderful thing reflected back to us in the light


Color reflected on to our iris’; showing the world as new.

We are lucky, you and I, for having the gift of this amazing world we call earth.

From my world to your heart,


Time is Winding Down—Thursday, June 16, 2016

PeonySadly our time with Bladen is ending.

PinkJust a few more hours left

Pink-DaisyThen his Dad will be here.

Pink-rosesComing back from training for School Principals in Snowmass, Colorado.

Roses I’m not complaining.  Just sad.  The time went so fast.

White-roseStill I’m so very grateful for the time we have had.

White-rose1He said it’s been great.  He got together with all his friends from Delta. Every last one of them.

Busy-BirdHis family is moving closer to us…Kelly will be the Middle School Principal at Parachute, Colorado next year.  Blade says that is only one hour and 22 minutes away.

Clouds-1I’ll take anything that gets them closer.  Blade says he agrees!



Heat Shimmering on the Farm—Sunday, June 5, 2016

Here-Comes-the-Sun-4The heat has arrived!  The sun started the day with a promise of warmth..of air smelling like Iris, Columbines, roses, and pink daisies.

MorningI woke feeling ever so creative and full of energy that I took upon myself a staggering amount of work: clean in the basement, mop the floors in the kitchen, bathroom, the back porch, wash all their windows, clean all the cupboards and cabinets, and refrigerator,  oh, yes and scour the stove.

Rosese-1Work in one flower bed: weed, prune, deadhead, etc.  Painted two of the garden benches.

Sammy--and-the-rosesWhile I’m at it —why not try three new recipes I’ve been wanting to try for some time

AND….start making paper.  (Something I’ve been wanting to do for—ever)

Sitting-Water-on-the-dirt-dBy the middle of the day the heat was sucking down into the earth, causing the soil to glow and simmer and Terry and I to do so right along with it!


It was still hot when we went for the last set of the night, but starting to cool down. (As a side-bar note–I really love the heat; it’s the cold I don’t care for.)Evening-1 When we finally got back home after the last set (9:30 p.m.)  I was obliged to admit to myself— I can not work like that anymore.

I have to pace myself…I was way too tired. I may have been able to work like that a few years ago, or even last year.  But not this year.  From now on I’m going to ‘save’ some things to do later.  There really isn’t a time clock on my work.  The only real time clock exists with the plants on the farm and in my yard. Everything else will wait.

And if people come and the house needs dusting, or the windows washed, I hope they understand—-somethings will just get done at another time.

Evening-2Besides…I’m sure it’s okay.  I never go see someone’s home, I go to see the people who live there.

From my world to your heart,






I Fit the Weather—Thursday, June 11, 2015

Roses-1Sorry, today I am a tad under-the-weather.  I woke-up with a bad headache and a bad arm ache.  I can’t seem to shake it.

Orange-3Even after taking a short nap I’m still a wee knocked out.  I hope to get better today.  I better, since our Craig kids are coming on Saturday.  🙂

They are coming to take Linkin to church camp for a week and to bring us Blade for the week.  It is also Linkin’s 11th birthday. The whole family will only be with us overnight—but I do want to feel well enough to enjoy them.


I plan on being back in good shape tomorrow.  After all it’s Friday with Boomer AND I need to bake a gluten-free birthday cake for a special little girl.

Your friend,



It’s Raining Here—Again—Wednesday, June 6, 2015

floodSure is good for the weeds and the flowers, not so good for my working in the weeds and flowers.


It’s also hard to irrigate.



I worked in the sunshine (really the shade of the sunshine) all day yesterday.



The weeds I jerked out won’t get to rejoice in all this moisture.


Oh, well…the rain is here today and gone by the weekend.

YellowYour friend,




In Spite of the Weather the Work Still Goes On


The last field of alfalfa has been cut, and we are waiting for it to dry.  You can see the showers playing around in Olathe in this photo.

(Come on sun, come on out and play!)

We are still irrigating.  We will never NOT be irrigating, right up until harvest.


A little sun is peaking through!

Here is what the beans look like right now.  I forgot to get a photo of the corn, but it is about calf high.


Watering the pasture


The new seeding of oats and alfalfa is looking good, but needs irrigating.  You can see the big cracks in the ground.  The water will rotate to this spot next.


Every thing looks lush and wonderful because of the showers, sprinkles and downpours.


I shouldn’t complain—it is just hard to get the alfalfa to dry.  Otherwise, I guess I just miss the sun.