The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—It’s Summer Time

And the living is getting easy!


First things first, Mom says: “Our boy left today.”  But for a small space in time I got to be petted and loved on by the two girls.  The littlest one had broken the ball in her elbow and wasn’t feeling very well (they had been to camp and she fell off the top bunk during the night).


I understand about bad limbs…I blew my knee out again.  It’s been taking lots of time to heal this time.  Mom says it’s because I’m elderly, now, so healing takes longer.

Nap time

I’ve been sleeping lots and lots so my knee WILL heal. (Mom says I’m silly sleeping like I do in the dog house.  She makes me come in so I will lay flat.)


Mom rubs DMSO on it once a day.  I really like how it makes my knee feel.  Afterwards…like in about an hour, I usually feel good enough to go outside and do ‘doggie things’—you know sniff around and gather up all the news in the farm yard.

Backing-upYesterday Dad was gone so it was just Mom and I doing the irrigation. I actually felt good enough to go with her.  I had just been wagging my tail and watching her drive off, but not today.


Today I beat her to her four-wheeler and waited for her to get there and lift me up so I could GO!


I even wanted down so I could check out everything going on, on the farm!


Mom said she was “DELIGHTED” I was feeling much better!






24 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—It’s Summer Time

  1. Oh Boom! I am sorry to hear about your knee, but glad you are feeling better! Take it easy so it totally heals ~ Cyber hugs and tummy rubs coming your way…

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  2. That must be some good stuff to help you feel so much better! I’m glad your mom is so smart and takes good care of you. That elbow sounds awfully painful, I hope she heals quickly, too.

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