The Last of Summer’s Hay—-Thursday, September 1 , 2016

Turning-the-haySunday we ‘did’ hay.

Because we had lots of rain and hail before we could get the hay up; Terry had to ‘turn’ the hay.  Sunday Morning he raked the hay turning it over so the top will be the bottom, and the bottom will be the top and the top will dry.

Baling-with-a-swallowThen about 1:00 in the afternoon the alfalfa had turned to hay. Off Terry went to bale.


And Boomer and went out to roll bales and pick up broken bales (there were only two) and pick up all the loose hay on the corners


Then we started hauling in the bales.


(See the twisted bales?)

I did have a sort of a fright…not bad, but I was very much startled.  A huge bull snake was resting under one of the bales, when I moved the bale he jumped up and slithered off and I jumped up and out of his path!  🙂 🙂

We got half the field up and then finished on Monday; after we finished we worked some more on the firewood.

We are still irrigating, the alfalfa field will be the last field we set water on then we will be done for the year.  BUT FIRST…the field has to be marked out so the water can get down the rows.  Seems like there is always something.


It’s cold enough we must wear jackets in the early morning and late evening when we set water.  Sure seems early for jackets, but it is what it is.

Next will be pinto bean harvest—soon…very soon.

(Terry and I are getting a tad tired right now.)

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


32 thoughts on “The Last of Summer’s Hay—-Thursday, September 1 , 2016

  1. I’m glad you were able to get the hay dried and baled. Betsy and I were trimming some holly bushes in the front of our house when we disturbed a garter snake. I’ll bet Betsy moved as fast as you did when you saw the bull snake!

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    • This wood has been our undoing this year. We (both) have agreed this is the last year we are doing wood this way. We have to do something else for heat–a pellet stove or we hire someone to cut, stack, haul, split and stack it. I’ve noticed this is a year of slowing down for me. I’ve had to do ‘recover’ from so many things that did me in.


  2. Job one now finished – just trust that the bales will FULLY dry out
    and then can be covered until the selling part.
    Great to know that you are fit – can’t have a bloody “Joe Blake”
    upsetting the apple-cart.
    Good luck with the weather for stage two of operations on “Farm Brown”.

    Spring here officially now, but I think it started early – as no August “horrors”
    for 2016.

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