A Tiny Flash of Wonder —-Sunday, December 8, 2019

“There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.”—Henry David Thoreau

Friday, evening, while hauling wood I looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow gracing the day.

That evening as the day turned into night

The moon promised moisture

Surely to come.

  If not Saturday, then soon very soon.

On the way to town (Saturday), there in the rearview mirror, among the dirt speckles I saw (O! THE JOY!) a RAINBOW!

Which suddenly appeared again, after we turned the corner and another corner; there it was

Filling the sky with love and hope and wonder.

That evening (Saturday) walking across the field with Black Beauty’s Mom, my oldest daughter, she suddenly stopped “Here is a Heart, just for you, Mom.” 

And there it was a perfect tiny little heart. Just waiting for someone to show it’s self too.


What a delightful weekend, Rainbows and wee little heart stone.

From my world to your heart,


Finding Wings—-Sunday, December 8, 2018

While I was out collecting the firewood for the evening, I decided to take a walk first

Since the evening was coming on fast; long shadows stretching across the farm road

I knew if I were going to find things of interest I needed to be about it

The wind was rather sharp, but not strong or cutting, just brisk with a chill to it.

The sky was beautiful

Making my walk even more special

The colors swirling around me

On the way back to the farmyard, the woodpile and the warmth of the house…I saw a glittering little heart-shaped rock.

Giving joy to my soul and wings to the essence of myself!

From my world to your heart,



The Lights of Christmas Cheer—Thursday, December 8, 2016

houseTerry and I took a wee ride about our town of Delta, Colorado…looking at the decorated houses.  Feasting our eyes on color and charm.

The above, very small house, took the spot of Number One on our drive-about.  These people adore Christmas and the lights that bring greetings to anyone who passes their abode!

It’s lovely!



A Little Bit Every Day—-Tuesday, December 8, 2015

15 Going for our daily walk, Boomer, Monkey the cat, and Sam-Sam our old cat, watched the night slowly come in….spreading it’s wings of brilliant color on the Paonia Mountains,

17Brushing Grand Mesa with broad strokes of rose, and orange and a different shade of pink.Sky-6

The mountains and the Black Canyon around Montrose and Gunnison lite up in vast amounts of the same color.

The cold silence of darkness descended—darkness is coming faster and faster every day.   Spreading night into the dips and hallows, filling in the rows of still standing corn, while the stars burn brighter and brighter as the evening gloaming grows stronger.

We walked to small point on the land where I can look over the tops of the corn to the south, west and north…enjoying the stunning vista.  A small rises where the plateaus fall away below us, and we can see beyond our mesa, and beyond the Rubidoux Canyon into the next Canyons and the flat lands and more knobs and knolls, into a blue distance, hazed with the breath of the desert.  (Looking toward Grand Junction, Colorado)

Turning around to the east the land is flat, devoid of corn crops, whereby the sunset was busy splashing masses of color on all the mountains.

Only a few more days [now] until December 21st and the winter Solstice!   At 9:49 p.m. here in our part of the world.

Sky-3I can’t tell you HOW READY I am!!!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




The Music it Sings—Monday, December 8, 2014

Pink-3When I was a child many years ago we had a lesson in the 4th Grade about space and light and the distance it took to travel from here to the moon. My teacher tried to illustrate light years by using a flashlight and pointing it into the heavens at night (anyway this is what my memory is telling me today).  If a person were to turn the flashlight on and point it toward the heavens (at night) then turn the light off…the light from the flashlight would still keep going and going and going until it would hit a solid object.  Then it would disperse.


Every evening Daddy would bring home the Daily paper, my brother and I were NOT to touch the paper until he was through reading it.  Mother wasn’t very interested in the paper, but Dad was…he read everything, including the ads.  The second he was done one of us got the comic section —if it were Christmas time–the other of us started with the serial Christmas story until the comics were available.

About the same time as the lesson on the flashlight and the thought that light traveled until it hit an dense object I started reading a serial space comic about an all white woman who came down to earth to do great harm.


From that point on I was terrified of the darkness and space and being outside alone IN THE DARK!!! (shudder)

MoistureWhen all that changed I really don’t know.  But the fear is gone, and has been for many, many years.  I love walking at night, even late, late at night. To walk in the silver moonlight seems to fill my soul with it’s shimmery light.  To walk without the moon, just a canopy of brilliant stars on a crisp and cold mid-night is … refreshing.


Today I wonder if the people of the world are pulling away from the call of land, sinking into technology and losing contact with the earth.  It’s a fleeting wonder, for it’s not something I can do anything about.

As for me…I enjoy the internet and it’s gifts of friendships flung from here all the way around the world.  But the land and the sky call to  me the most and the longest and loudest—I hear the music it sings.


Your friend,



Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snowing here!  Again.  Tiny, tiny flakes with a sharp wind.


But on Friday…  We had beautiful Sunshine!  It was a pleasure to chop and haul wood.


Tonight it the temps are supposed to drop to -10* (I think that is -23 c, but I’m not sure) and hover there for a spell.  Then we warm way up to Zero or a little above.

BUT  there is supposed to be sunshine.  Lovely, sparkly sunshine (!)  and NO wind!


Well, off to scrape the sidewalk and mush my way out to the turkey and the chickens.

Your tired of the grey friend,