The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-It Started Out as a Good Day

The whole day started out just wonderful!


I barked the mail lady down the road, gave her the good ‘ol what for, and barked her all the way back out of the yard!

Felt wonderful!


The sun was shining; Mom and I went for a walk!


We saw a helicopter, flying low enough Mom took a photo of it!

I barked happily at it!


The snow is leaving EVERYWHERE!  Only place left now is the canal, and it is melting!


Min-Min Lou and I


played hide and seek


in one of the irrigation culverts!


Then I trotted off and left Min-Min and Mom.  I needed to gather lots of news from around the place.

While out there I found a really nasty, stinky, spot and gave myself a GREAT BIG RUB and ROLL in the nasty, stinky, stuff!

I was so very happy to get back to Mom and Min-Min so they could smell this lovely odor with me!


Mom. Was. Not. Happy!

She marched us right home and gave me a bath, with hydrogen peroxide, warm soapy water, and lots of clean rinse water.



Mom is such a spoiled sport when it comes to really cool nasty smelling stuff.



23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-It Started Out as a Good Day

  1. Oh my God, this is so funny…I read the first half and was going to comment on how HAPPY and SMILEY Boomer looks…and then I got to the end and he was looking very SAD and BUMMED OUT. Roller coaster emotions, huh, pup? Never nice when the stink gets rubbed off.

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  2. Boomer, you should keep checking out the news for awhile after you roll so you can enjoy the smell. Your Mom is never going to learn to appreciate ‘that smell’. Humans just don’t get it.
    Lots of pats & scritches (after your bath), Sandy.

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  3. ah … ha! reminds me (another “sorta close to your house” story) — in the autumn a year and some back (2015) we drove to Redstone (over McClure). brought the dogs (and bikes). Near Paonia decided to let the dogs out for … you know. We were on a side road above town and IMMEDIATELY Ja-Ja rolled in a DEAD SKUNK ! Went back down to P-town and EVERYONE in the local market helped us select the combination of ingredients (e.g., peroxide, dish-soap, tomato juice, etc., and etc.) and we spent a special half-hour or so at Paonia town park at a water hydrant. fortunately the rest of the day was not nearly so exciting ~

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