As Winter Dims and Spring Brightens—Thursday, February 16, 2017

checking-cowsWe ride out to check the cows at least once a day. (I need a new work coat.)

little-onesThe cows watch us, but never running in fear.  Boomer is their main concern, but he never leaves the four-wheeler.

hidden-as-mom-says Moma’s hide their little ones out, saying to them —-‘stay, don’t move, don’t draw attention to yourself in any manner’.

calfThe older calves no longer care what we are doing or how close we ride.  Their concentration is usually set on something else they find wondrous and marvelous….never seen before.

hidden-001This little on has one eye on us and her ears cocked so she can run if necessary.

sweetieThe wind was quiet, the sun warm and bright, as we traveled slowly, ever so slowly counting heads, counting babies.

well-groomedThis is my favorite, so far.  She is very particular about her fur, keeps it herself well groomed and very clean.  See the curls on the side of her belly from all her licking?  🙂

newWe (Terry, Boomer and I) stop along the hillside listening to the cows moving through the grass, talking softly to each other and/or their calves, the chirping of the Red Winged Black birds adding into the softness of a very lovely spring day.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



28 thoughts on “As Winter Dims and Spring Brightens—Thursday, February 16, 2017

  1. lovely scenery throughout your post today – cows, calves, corn, fresh-turned dirt, and the exotic hills/plateau/mountains. that first field shot just looks spectacular on my screen. just one more day of cold/flurries in these parts, then 5 days in the high 50s. being able to do much yardwork in mid-february is almost unheard of here. –suz in ohio

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  2. Great photos of the herd.
    Looks like your rancher friend is getting better looking Charolais calves
    in his herd.
    Nothing like improving the “genes” in the herd.
    The weather looks pretty good also.
    Not too bad at beautiful Terrigal either, I reckon Bladen and co.
    would love the surf here.

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