Moment’s Clipped in Time—-Sunday, March 19, 2017

Friday afternoon Terry came in with a broken roller harrow.

One whole roller came off and flung itself all down the row.  Twenty three rollers and other parts and pieces.

What a huge expensive mess.

Terry made  a quick call to U.S. Tractor in Montrose, Colorado;  ordered parts (they will be in Saturday morning).So that gave us the rest of the day to work on FENCES!!!

Then Saturday morning a fast trip to Montrose, and Terry started to put the roller back together.  I helped, but that is all I did.  ‘Here hold this.  When say push, push.  Do this or that’…while he put it all back together again.

Terry is multitalented that is for sure.

By late afternoon he was back in the field.

There are some moments (clipped out of time), which seemed to be perfectly adhered in our memories… watching Terry finished plowing one of the field the other night—-I saw a beautiful sight.  One that says, in Spring — everything is possible!




(Only if you get the ground ready for the crops!)

From daylight to dusk….the land is jarred loose from it’s long winter’s nap.

And the small spring buds start waking; drowning out the voices of last years old growth.

Until one magic morning the earth is full of glorious smells (fresh turned soil, apricot blooms, growing green grass and alfalfa)  and a feast for the eyes.

What a joy!

From my world to your heart,




30 thoughts on “Moment’s Clipped in Time—-Sunday, March 19, 2017

  1. Terry’s very talented! Fixing farm equipment is not easy! Also glad no one was hurt when that came apart. Is your apricot tree in bloom? Please check your calendar ~ Seems way early! Either way ~ Spring has arrived!!! And I know how happy that makes you! Enjoy!

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  2. D > We don’t have a tractor, or other such stuff (no use on our land!) but we have equivalent days and moments. When even the things that don’t work out well make into the tapestry of a day lived well. J is already looking up Montrose on Google Earth and Wikipedia.

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  4. Terry is a role model for work ethos and the youth of today. Well done mate.
    You got a good bloke when you picked him all those years ago, Linda.
    PS: Off today for a 95th b/day lunch at the Crowne Plaza Terrigal.
    Mum is the birthday girl!!!……and it is fine weather – a bonus.

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  5. Such a beautiful post … full of joy … even when there is an obstacle to overcome you two just greet it and get on with it. Terry is multi talented and that’s a good thing… I imagine having someone install would have doubled the cost. I’ve done a good share of doing what you did …just holding on and following orders ..,back when we were building and remodeling.

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  6. Your Terry is a real farmer. Congrats to him and you for continuing to work the land and maintain your equipment and your place. Too bad our leaders have made it so difficult for small businesses to survive. It hurts my heart to see so many abandoned homesteads and empty shops — all wiped out by huge companies. Stuff in stores and restaurants is all same, same. No variety, no individuality. Bleh. Love your photos, especially the header with the tractor and plow. Keep up the good work!

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  7. Got back here at last!… and what a beautiful post Linda… you and Terry are a wonderful partnership.. ( felt like that today with Douglas and I, as we both painted black panels for a porch he’s creating)…
    I was fascinated by the beautiful fence you showed us… is it made from black strap tangle or what we call lawyers’ tangle here? it strangles trees and blocks the way through the bush here ..

    The pictures of buds and blossom of spring are gorgeous… we are sliding into autumn and it’s cold today after a run of bright chilly days….I loved your romantic picture of the dusk… so beautiful..

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    • It’s nice to work together…we do fairly well, although there are times when I don’t understand his hand signals and he doesn’t explain something well enough….:) but we make it through.


  8. That is one massive apricot tree! Beautiful to see it in bloom. Nothing has bloomed here yet. Windy and wet. I’m glad you were able to get the part so quickly and Terry is talented enough to fix it himself. That saves you a bundle. It’s a good sign when you can be with someone all day and work together peacefully. You are both very fortunate.

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