The Weather People are Saying: ‘SNOW Coming to Us Starting Monday’!, Sunday, March 19, 2023

They say—

That more of this is coming in

O! Please!

Let all of this

Be just a memory—-

Until next year—

in November through February.

Please let genuine Spring Begin!

Storm clouds forming!  Sigh!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai on Friday—-Box!!!!, Friday, March 19, 2021


Paper crinkles, and rattles and does stuff

When I walk on it, or anything to it.




Roll around, bite,


Paper is ever so much fun!


Grab Elephant and take into BOX!


OH!  Box is nice!

Chew on Elephant a little bit.


I love BOX!

TLC Cai-Cai

A Wee Ghost Time—Where Crazy Things Flicker on the Edges —- Thursday, March 19, 2020

Tuesday, all the Dental Offices the Eye Doctors and whomever else I don’t know about were shut down to patients.

They are open for emergency conditions only.

Thankfully I was considered an emergency.

For you see Tuesday I had surgery to remove a tooth and receive a bone graft to my mouth.

It has been a truly long winter, starting in October with that spider bite.

Thankfully I was able to have the procedure…intense is the word.

I struggled through a couple of long nights with a thundering headache, miserable shivering and magnified bad dreams

I have emerged into a rather cold and brittle March lion/like weather, feeling somewhat better.  All the drugs are now out of my system, (a mouth seems to heal fairly quickly),

And with the knowledge, I don’t want to open my mouth too wide and smile BIG to people I meet for FOUR months. 🙂  🙂

At the end of that time, I will have to decide if I want them to drill into my newly created bone and give me an implant

Or create a flipper.

But that is a spell down the road.  Tuesday, I was blessed. I was the last patient allowed to receive service, the hideous adventure I have been on since October is now winding down toward and end.

From my world to your heart,






Counting Gifts Gained —- Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Terry and I were extremely surprised and excited and blessed to have our oldest grandchildren call and say they were coming to spend this past weekend with us.

Having teenagers call and ask to be with you, as elders, is so amazing and moving.

You see, as a person ages you stop being ‘seen’.  It really is that simple.  Women are much more than men.  It’s not that we vanish from sight, but the showy glitter of youth and the marvelous golden shine of adults cause ‘elders’ to recede into shadows.

I know we are still loved, but there is a sorta struggle to relate—after all grandparents were never really young, never really ‘did’ stuff like they or their parents do and —sometimes don’t even understand all the tech gadgets all the kids know and use, thereby making elders — well, boring.

But our life here on the farm gives us an unusual identity

And old friends from Delta an added bonus.

So, for a marvelous three days, we had our oldest grandchildren with us—we played dominos, Skip-Bo,

went swimming at Ouray, the kids got to see old friends, and I cooked all their favorite meals.

Today we are back to our regular routines, tired but ever so pleased.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,







Moment’s Clipped in Time—-Sunday, March 19, 2017

Friday afternoon Terry came in with a broken roller harrow.

One whole roller came off and flung itself all down the row.  Twenty three rollers and other parts and pieces.

What a huge expensive mess.

Terry made  a quick call to U.S. Tractor in Montrose, Colorado;  ordered parts (they will be in Saturday morning).So that gave us the rest of the day to work on FENCES!!!

Then Saturday morning a fast trip to Montrose, and Terry started to put the roller back together.  I helped, but that is all I did.  ‘Here hold this.  When say push, push.  Do this or that’…while he put it all back together again.

Terry is multitalented that is for sure.

By late afternoon he was back in the field.

There are some moments (clipped out of time), which seemed to be perfectly adhered in our memories… watching Terry finished plowing one of the field the other night—-I saw a beautiful sight.  One that says, in Spring — everything is possible!




(Only if you get the ground ready for the crops!)

From daylight to dusk….the land is jarred loose from it’s long winter’s nap.

And the small spring buds start waking; drowning out the voices of last years old growth.

Until one magic morning the earth is full of glorious smells (fresh turned soil, apricot blooms, growing green grass and alfalfa)  and a feast for the eyes.

What a joy!

From my world to your heart,



Good Fences, Spring Farm Work, and Rain—Thursday, March 19, 2015

It rained off and on yesterday and then some into the night. The sun is out, our air is fresh and lovely, my lawn(s) are starting to green up, and I have lots of plants popping up in the flower beds!  Life is good!

Plowing-1Terry plowed until it got too wet.  So far there isn’t enough rain to cause our clay type of soil of harden into bricks.

Years ago we had a brick and tile making company that used our clay soil to make bricks.  Today those bricks are much sought after as a collector item.  That’s our type of soil…also our worry about rain.


Delta County Historical Society photo Delta Brick and Tile factory showing kilns, drying sheds and stacks of finished brick. This view is taken from a spot on California Mesa and shows Delta in the background.

You can read about it here:  Delta Brick and Tile Factory

Anyway, so far so good.

Theresa from The Run*A*Round Ranch Report always hosts Thursday Good Fences and Gates.  Sometimes I have neat fence, gate or gate opener to add to the fun postings on Thursday.  Today I have one—–

Scratching-PostThis is a scratching post on our place.  Terry put it up for the cows…a nice back scratch is always good!

Head on over to Teresa’s place and see her photos, then visit some of the other participants for a look at their cool fences and gates.

I hope each of you have a really nice day!

Your friend,