Moment’s Clipped in Time—-Sunday, March 19, 2017

Friday afternoon Terry came in with a broken roller harrow.

One whole roller came off and flung itself all down the row.  Twenty three rollers and other parts and pieces.

What a huge expensive mess.

Terry made  a quick call to U.S. Tractor in Montrose, Colorado;  ordered parts (they will be in Saturday morning).So that gave us the rest of the day to work on FENCES!!!

Then Saturday morning a fast trip to Montrose, and Terry started to put the roller back together.  I helped, but that is all I did.  ‘Here hold this.  When say push, push.  Do this or that’…while he put it all back together again.

Terry is multitalented that is for sure.

By late afternoon he was back in the field.

There are some moments (clipped out of time), which seemed to be perfectly adhered in our memories… watching Terry finished plowing one of the field the other night—-I saw a beautiful sight.  One that says, in Spring — everything is possible!




(Only if you get the ground ready for the crops!)

From daylight to dusk….the land is jarred loose from it’s long winter’s nap.

And the small spring buds start waking; drowning out the voices of last years old growth.

Until one magic morning the earth is full of glorious smells (fresh turned soil, apricot blooms, growing green grass and alfalfa)  and a feast for the eyes.

What a joy!

From my world to your heart,




A Time of Contentment—Monday, March 21, 2016

ABYesterday was the first day of Spring.  The first day that the daylight hours are longer than the night time hours.

ApricotMy beloved Maternal Grandmother…used to say that when spring time starts the world lies in a balance between dark and light.

Rolling-1 (Terry is rolling down the plowed fields today)

SpringCall me strange, but I swear I can feel the earth shifting and stirring beneath my  feet as the air changes.DeerThe change hums in my blood, the blood of the plants and the animals.  Bringing contentment and joy.WaitingI just achieved my 9th year of blogging on Sunday.  9 years of being friends with you.

Thank you everyone!

Happy Spring!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




A Cold Front Moved Through—Wednesday, March 26, 2015

A very chilly cold front moved through our region yesterday, complete with freezing temperatures this morning.  We will have a steady warm-up after tonight, but right now it’s still cold.

Apricot-blooms-on-the-grounThe wind was very strong, 30 m.p.h gusts!  Most of the apricot blooms have landed on the ground or turned brown on the trees—if we have apricots this year I will be surprised.

The-SwingI worked down at the little house all morning…dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning…come Saturday the kids from Craig, Colorado, will be home to spend 9 days in the little house.  I will start a fire in the wood stove tomorrow and keep it going until they get here on Saturday…a nice clean, toasty warm house to spend Spring Break.

The tree house will once again have life in it, and the swing in the front yard will fly through the air with little kids upon it.

SkyI will stand outside and hear (again) the joyful laughter of delighted children at play.  Off and on there will be grandchildren walking over to see us…to check out the snacks (prepared just for them, but they won’t know that), hang out with either Grandpa or myself, maybe climb into our tree, or see if Grandpa will either take them for a ride, or let Blade —now age 13–drive the 4-wheeler, so they can ride.

9 full days…9 full days!  What a delightful thought.

Easter Sunday all our children and their mates will come for Easter dinner and a egg hunt.

This Grammy’s heart is sure to to be full unto bursting!

Your very excited friend,


More Spring Work

Ground that was in pinto beans last year does not need to be plowed (in our neck of the high mountain desert).  Therefore, the ripper goes through and opens the field up.

Misty did part and Terry finished it

Everywhere Misty goes…goes Hank (the cowdog)

Back and forth. He is always one tired pup when the day ends.

The apricots are starting to bloom.  I wonder if we will have any this year.  Seems like we get apricots every 5-7 years.  They bloom so early the freezes get them.

I still enjoyed seeing thier lovely bee-feeding blooms poping out.