Moment’s Clipped in Time—-Sunday, March 19, 2017

Friday afternoon Terry came in with a broken roller harrow.

One whole roller came off and flung itself all down the row.  Twenty three rollers and other parts and pieces.

What a huge expensive mess.

Terry made  a quick call to U.S. Tractor in Montrose, Colorado;  ordered parts (they will be in Saturday morning).So that gave us the rest of the day to work on FENCES!!!

Then Saturday morning a fast trip to Montrose, and Terry started to put the roller back together.  I helped, but that is all I did.  ‘Here hold this.  When say push, push.  Do this or that’…while he put it all back together again.

Terry is multitalented that is for sure.

By late afternoon he was back in the field.

There are some moments (clipped out of time), which seemed to be perfectly adhered in our memories… watching Terry finished plowing one of the field the other night—-I saw a beautiful sight.  One that says, in Spring — everything is possible!




(Only if you get the ground ready for the crops!)

From daylight to dusk….the land is jarred loose from it’s long winter’s nap.

And the small spring buds start waking; drowning out the voices of last years old growth.

Until one magic morning the earth is full of glorious smells (fresh turned soil, apricot blooms, growing green grass and alfalfa)  and a feast for the eyes.

What a joy!

From my world to your heart,




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Easter Sunday

We’ve entered my FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!!! Spring Farm work!  That means, Dad, Mom and MYSELF are always, always, always out on the farm!  YAY!

Anyway, Easter Sunday was the last day we had company.  It was also the day we all headed to the Uncompahgre Plateau for the first spring picnic of the year!


First things first, Blade is out for track at his local Middle School in Craig, Colorado.  Every morning he would run way up to the end of the first corn field (one mile) and then run back…he didn’t want to lose his leg and lung capacity.

Run with Hank


So Hank and I ran with him.  (Just between you and me…that’s HARD work!)


Then it was time to head out for Lee’s Reservoir.

Easter-1We had a great time—I LOVED all the smells up there, just enjoyed every minute.

PaulJason’s Dad, Paul, was here and went with us.  Paul and Tally are great friends.  Tally is one of those people everyone really likes.


The newest dog niece came along also…meet Gypsy an American Bulldog.  I think she is an American bulldog…I might be wrong, she is a bulldog; that’s for sure.


Tayler (Gypsy’s kid) and Tally took outstand care of her, which worked for me.  I sure didn’t want to puppy sit.


It’s been really windy for days here, but yesterday and today NO WIND! Mom said it was nice to set water in still air.  I thought it was nice to walk everywhere without getting dirt in my eyes!


Good Fences, Spring Farm Work, and Rain—Thursday, March 19, 2015

It rained off and on yesterday and then some into the night. The sun is out, our air is fresh and lovely, my lawn(s) are starting to green up, and I have lots of plants popping up in the flower beds!  Life is good!

Plowing-1Terry plowed until it got too wet.  So far there isn’t enough rain to cause our clay type of soil of harden into bricks.

Years ago we had a brick and tile making company that used our clay soil to make bricks.  Today those bricks are much sought after as a collector item.  That’s our type of soil…also our worry about rain.


Delta County Historical Society photo Delta Brick and Tile factory showing kilns, drying sheds and stacks of finished brick. This view is taken from a spot on California Mesa and shows Delta in the background.

You can read about it here:  Delta Brick and Tile Factory

Anyway, so far so good.

Theresa from The Run*A*Round Ranch Report always hosts Thursday Good Fences and Gates.  Sometimes I have neat fence, gate or gate opener to add to the fun postings on Thursday.  Today I have one—–

Scratching-PostThis is a scratching post on our place.  Terry put it up for the cows…a nice back scratch is always good!

Head on over to Teresa’s place and see her photos, then visit some of the other participants for a look at their cool fences and gates.

I hope each of you have a really nice day!

Your friend,



Good Morning Everyone! Sunday, February 1, 2015

Good-MorningGood morning everyone!MovingAfter two days of heavy gray clouds blocking the sun and sending life-giving moisture into our rather dry soil, we woke-up this morning to a very beautiful day.

Another blessing in the storm is it  stopped our work on the removal of the wood from the two trees we had cut down.  I think that was a good thing.  It’s better to have a break in the work than to break something on your body (all three of us, Terry, Scott (our neighbor) and myself are over 65–just saying.)    If the weather stayed nice we would not have stopped…we needed to stop. A three day rest is a good thing (we always rest on Sunday, only the things that MUST be done is ever accomplished on Sunday.)

Tree-workOur neighbor is taking the wood for his outside furnace so we don’t have to haul anything far.  The wood from the front tree is way too wet to burn this year, but the wood from the lightening struck tree is dead.  This is a win-win for Scott as he has dry wood to finish out the heating season and wood to start the next heating season.  It’s a win-win for Terry and I because we have help cleaning up the mess AND we know that the wood is being put to good use instead of just dumped at the Upper End.  The GIANT logs we are taking to the Upper End to make hollows for fox (or whomever)  have a place to hide.

Tree-stumpScott and Terry both have tractors, Scott has forks on his and Terry uses the bucket.


This leaves me to do all the brush work, rake up all the chips, and to chain up the logs.  We are making huge headway.  As soon as the ground dries enough we should be able to finish up next week.

We better finish up next week, since Hank stopped and said he was going to be bringing in his first year heifers and his second year cows probably around Thursday.

I just about have the chips and bark and branches out of the corn field gate, which is a good thing…I wouldn’t want any of the cows to get something stuck in their hooves.

If we can get the big stuff and the field stuff done before the cows we can finish up the back yard after the fence is built.  Lots of pressure right now to get stuff done.

THEN I told Terry it will be time to put the new roof on the tile house, after which we will be close, if not already started, on Spring farm work.

I think the time of February is going to fly by!

Many of you have emailed asking me to post a photo of the skyline with the trees gone.  I shall…I want to have all the trash cleaned up before I do.  Surprisingly (so far) it doesn’t look bad down there.  Misty wants us to keep the lightening struck stump in the back for Kelly to build something for the kids to play in, so we will.  Kelly built a tree house for the kids in one of the other trees; having something cool in this one will add to the fun of the back yard.

The front tree will be gone…I’m thinking I might put a planter where it was and fill it with something colorful.  Maybe.  It all depends on how it looks.  I might just fill in the spot with grass.  Grass is always nice on the eyes.

Good-NightLook at this sunset last night as the storm broke up and left us!  The colors are amazing for this time of year!

Thanks for stopping by!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





April Fool’s Day—-Winter is still here — April 1, 2014

Today the wind is blowing and the rain is trying to fall and it’s cold again!


But it can’t last…it just can’t last!  The earth is shifting the day is growing longer (our day length is 12 hours and 37 minutes long) and the skies are getting blues.  But for today the weather is playing a rather cold nasty joke on us.

Terry has been making ditches, finishing up the rolling.  Even though the wind is nasty and cold he will start leveling the fields. The fields don’t wait…well actually the soil doesn’t wait.

CleanI’ve been cleaning the yard, I only have two big areas left.  And then I need to rewash all the  windows again.  I’m also spring cleaning the house.  Lots to do right now.

We got word that the irrigation water will be here by the end of the week or Monday of next week.  We are almost ready. After they turn the water down it takes our canal a full week before it fills. Any day now.

Off to get some stuff done!

Your friend on a very windy farm,