Between One Lift of a Wing and the Next—Tuesday, September, 12, 1017

These bright Autumn days are full

We had an overnight visit from our Grandson…he is getting TALL—5’11”

Tally came for two days and two nights

Then the last load of hay

Left…1,500 bales all cut, stacked, sold and gone! YAY!

Terry’s sister and brother-in-law came for a couple of days

The hydraulic pump broke, went through the fan and pushed the fan into the radiator..sigh!

Of course, there is always the water to change

Life is busy, but still good.


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


15 thoughts on “Between One Lift of a Wing and the Next—Tuesday, September, 12, 1017

  1. Pew, I’m trying to imagine the size of your properties!! So much work, but you never complain, do you? It’s such an important work anyway, so as long as you both are good, it’s good! Nice to see some family too, that grandson looked tall and handsome, how old is he? It’s unbelievable how they grow!! Good to have the hay away, otherwise you’d go haywire….I remember when I was a Child, I wrote about that last year, spending some summers in the country on a farm, I can recall that smell of hay anytime! Hope you stay out of the storms! Love to Boomer!

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  2. Your red sun indicates you may still have smoke in your area? Loved the moth or whatever it was on the flower. Visitors are always nice but not mechanical problems. That sounds really serious and expensive. Hope Terry can fix it on the cheap. 😦

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