Bedrooms—That Spot of Deep Contentment—Sunday, December 31, 2017

The cows and the equines have special places they like to bed down

They pick the warmest spot (if you don’t believe me all one has to do is go sit in that spot for a spell, then move to other places and compare)

 That spot is a churn of dirt and poop.  For the minute a cows stands up from laying down, she poops! 🙂
Everyone gathers together in those ‘spots’ the bedrooms, resting and chewing their cuds.  Its a gentle time of peace.

But if a storm is coming in…the bedrooms wait.  For this is the time of bulking up, filling the stomachs with fodder; creating inner heat and warmth.

The Clouds are thick and grey and heavy; the air feels like snow.  But the weather people say there won’t be.  Still the cows and equines say…bulk up…it feel like a storm coming in.

I wonder who will be right?

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


18 thoughts on “Bedrooms—That Spot of Deep Contentment—Sunday, December 31, 2017

  1. Happy New Year, Linda and family. Learned something new about cows today. I was thinking that just because there would be no snow, doesn’t mean it won’t be extra bone chilling cold. I always wonder what happens to those poor creatures when the weather goes down into minus degrees and lots of deep snow like they’ve been having in the East and Midwest. Animals are more in tune with nature than we are so I would follow their lead. It’s 32 here but dry for a change. Still the roads are icy from residual moisture. Saw 2 separate accidents yesterday where people had slid into each other not realizing the road was icy. Do take care.

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