19 thoughts on “HAPPY 2018 Everyone — Monday, January 1, 2018

  1. LOVE that you posted this picture. I didn’t know about the other side of the driveway…although I think one of those smaller buildings is the one that got remodeled last year? Nice to put all the pieces together!

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  2. new year’s eve, we were coming home from an early NYE party, about 10 p.m. — driving in our neighborhood when I told Betty to STOP — roll down the windows, gaze at two seemingly slowly-moving orange (unblinking, not like normal aircraft) objects in the sky, coming from the southeast (over YOUR HOUSE). the two objects slowed, stopped, slowly faded … disappeared. two more glowing orange objects then appeared from the southeast horizon and pretty much did the same thing — slow, stop, fade, gone. we saw one more later. you ever notice anything like that?

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