A Gift of Rainbows — Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Cheri from My Ranch Life sent me some photos of a stunning rainbow that occurred somewhere on their ranch in Washington.


Isn’t this just incredible?  The colors of the whole photo are dramatic and lends excitement to the double rainbow.

east-side-rainbow-(7)I thank -you so much, Cheri for sharing with us this amazing and very colorful bit of drama in  your sky!

Please remember if you have a rainbow or something else you would love to share with my readers, please send it to me.  I will post it and give you credit.  This has been so much fun seeing rainbows and sky photos from other parts of the world.

Sun-on-hayTerry is baling the last of the hay.  Thankfully we are just about done with second cutting.  The weather people say there is a 30% change of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon.  The storms need to stay away a little bit longer.  Once we get the bales hauled and stacked  a nice shower or two would be good to reduce this heat we are having.  It was 104* at 5 o’clock yesterday evening.  Although, it did cool down around 10 o’clock so all is good.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,