Sometimes They Run Crazy—Wednesday, January 10, 2018

196 cows!  Gradually over the month of December the 100 head of cows grew by 96 more

Lots of cows!

Many cows!

As with cows…there are always those ‘clever’ ones who are NOT afraid of the electric fence

Many times in the last week they were here Terry and I had the privilege of putting them back in

Not just in the daytime, but nighttime also

After several times of chasing cows

Running through the night

The enchantment of the cows wore off quickly.

Come Saturday morning, just before noon.  The rancher and his crew arrived

Off they went to another farm on Falcon road.

Regnegade cows—just like regnegade people, chickens, dogs, cats exist anywhere!   🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm!

21 thoughts on “Sometimes They Run Crazy—Wednesday, January 10, 2018

  1. Sounds like the electric fence didn’t have enough electricity on it or something made a big hole that all of the cows eventually found. They can be a pain. We have a neighbors bull that keeps agitating our bull and tearing down fences but the owner just moves that bull and brings in a new while we rebuild all of our fences!! He’s really starting to get on Eddie’s nerves!!!

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    • No, those two would push their head under the fence and go right on through…the fencer was working, they just didn’t care. The rancher says he has trouble with those two everywhere he goes, but they throw nice calves so he keeps them.

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    • We normally have about 80…our farm handles 80 well. But the new to us rancher brought in 100—over time he kept adding to them until there were 196. 31 days was all the farm could handle.
      Yes all 196 are now gone to another farm in Olathe.


  2. Looks like you had a great time chasing black cows in the black of the night!! NOT! The bull calves in our field don’t even attempt to touch the fence…it’s a very high powered one. However, when the neighbors cows came calling one day, two of the heifers just ran right thru the fence. Twice!! It was quite a round up, but fortunately they got to do it in the daylight!. Our calves will probably leave soon, too. We just don’t have grass, it’s so terribly dry. And the renter wants to start minimum tilling the corn stalks. We loved having them here. They seemed so gentle for Angus and would come to the fence to get treats!


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    • Not this year…a huge disappointment, but Terry needed them to come in an go off so he could do some ditch work and other things in February…February is calving time here.


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