The Cold Wind Singing—-Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Yesterday evening I had to run to town for some milk for today’s breakfast; the shadows were falling long, pink and orange, with a cold wind shaking the bare branches of trees and shivering skin.

I hurried in and then quickly started home.  I HATE missing even one second of the beauty of the coming night.

Sometimes the sky makes me feel like I walk in a dream.  A good dream, where life is quiet and welcoming.

Where Silence gives a sense of true unabiding peace.

Early Morning light all golden and shading toward blue, stretching until the early morning mist disappears starting another day—another point in time I hate to miss.

Today the wind is gone, the sky is a clear and bright blue.

We are extremely dry, with huge concerns what next farming season will bring…will there be enough water to plant, if not what do I plant?   It’s the talk anytime two farmers get together.

It’s all befuddling.

Still there are those amazing beginnings and endings to each and every day…promising beauty and peace and hope and happiness (at least in my mind).

One second at a time…that’s really all we have.

My world to your heart,



15 thoughts on “The Cold Wind Singing—-Tuesday, January 16, 2018

  1. I hope you get some good rain up in the catchment areas for your irrigation of the crops for this coming season.
    The weather is so important where crop growing is concerned and for that matter
    for the grazing fraternity also.
    Water for irrigation here in Australia can be so frustrating for the farmers.
    There are constant fighting over water rights along the Murray/Darling basin….states
    fighting. politicans fighting……..why can;t they find a solution?????????????????????

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