One Side Done—Sunday, January 30, 2022

Thanks to our son-in-law, Cliff

For coming out and helping Terry

Thereby actually giving Terry someone who will/and did CLIMB up on the roof

one side officially completed (with trim and everything)

We will work on the other side as soon as the cows get out.

I will paint the old doors white and the trim…as soon as the air warms a bit more.

Gosh, this is nice!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Mindy and Boomer Have an Adventure Chapter Eight, Friday, January 30, 2020

Chapter Eight

I stopped and just stared down the road.  I have a suspicion I know where Mindy went.

I took off as fast as my Beagle legs could carry me.

I had found Mindy’s tracks

And where she rolled in the dirt,

which gave me a very fresh scent

Then I saw where she climbed into the ditch, hum…. oh, yes, out she came here.

O! OH! Humm…. herked up mouse guts.  Rather nasty.  I guess Mindy ate too many mice.

On I traveled…not long now before I get to the cross-over pipe….I have a feeling I will run into Mindy at the cross-over pipe.  She LOVES going with Mom, Dad and Myself when we walk up to the cross-over pipe.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that myself.

I kicked it into high gear.

The sun was starting to set, but that’s okay.  I know the farm like the pads on my paws.


The Cross-Over pipe is LOTS of fun!

Once I catch up with Mindy, we can have our adventure!


Now I wonder what this paw print is?  Mindy sniffed around on the print.

Cat?  Wow!  That is some kind of Big Cat? WOW!

I Welcome You to My Daily Prayer of Thanks —- Thursday, January 30, 2020

The winter birds lift my heart in gratitude each and every moment of each and every day

I always stand outside (each and every day) raise my hands to the sky

And Yell—yes I yell—Please come to our farm! Each and all of you are welcome

And it seems to be working

It’s true I reach out to them with scattered seeds and yummy bits of bird food

I honestly don’t care what variety comes

How big or how small

They are all welcome.

(Even sleepy little loud noisy starlings)

Wings, and brilliant colors, our farm is L.O.U.D with song!

Welcome! I call.

I feel truly blessed!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Beneath the Night Sky and the Splendor of Daylight—Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Lessons from a very wise cat:

*Always make sure there isn’t a predator close by

* Even if the whole world is frozen and still

You and Mom and Beaglie

Have lots of great things to do

But the most fun thing of all….

Having a good romp

With Boomer and Mom.

From my heart to your world,



After Spiders—-Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Well, after the dreams from the other night, I was a tad concerned I might dream of creepy crawly things again.

But, thankfully, as my breathing and heart slowed to that spot, which takes us into the abyss of sleep


My dreams were not of unimagined possibilities to be frightened over

But patches of sun and interesting things I wanted to do.

Although, I don’t remember them this morning.  I do feel refreshed and eager to tackle the day.

From my world to your heart,



The Sandhill Cranes —- Monday, January 30, 2017

Marianne from Northview Diary asked me for a photo of the lovely Sandhill Cranes who winter around here.

So for your viewing pleasure

watch-meI bring to you a wee series of


Of those beautiful

dance-of-the-cranesDancing Birds!

crane-danceYour friend on a western Colorado farm,