Island Magic Continues—-Thursday, February 15, 2018

We saw so many wonderful things.  A few blocks or so from Wayne and Carolyn’s condo is the Island’s Eagle Sanctuary

It’s so nice how all the residents care so very much for all the wildlife in and around this Island!

We saw the huge (I MEAN HUGE) machine; the walking dredge, which opened up the Everglades connecting Tampa to Miami.  ..I took photos but they didn’t turn out well. I tried to find a couple of good ones on the internet, but I didn’t see anything I really liked.

We found out there is a softball baseball league where you MUST be 70 or older to play!  🙂  Anyone younger does not qualify.

Later on in the day I went to the library to get our boarding passes—everyone else went and watched some boat races.

Then it was back to the beach…

and off to have a yummy pizza

Gosh!  What an amazing gift of time!

Your friend on a beach in Marco, Florida,




23 thoughts on “Island Magic Continues—-Thursday, February 15, 2018

  1. Blessings to you Linda, and your hubby, and your terrific hosts down there in Sun-Land. It does my heart good to see you soaking up that Florida sun and fun. So glad you were able to head down there for a bit!

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